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Glasses and Rain…

go together as well as my bills and my bank balance. (They don’t!)

Your glasses get drops all over them…god forbid it’s cold and they start to fog up. #NerdProblems And then as you are trying to get to your car you have to take you finger to wipe the drops off your glasses in a windshield wiper motion. Which doesn’t look funny at all. Yes it does, it looks incredibly funny.

There isn’t much you can do to prevent this in the rain the only thing you can do is get contacts and be ok with touching your eye. Or don’t wear your glasses and be blind. But that might be worse…tripping, falling, making a scene.

Ok wait this 👇🏼 would work….



Want to buy a cow?

Like a stuffed animal? Or cow print something? As a pet?

These are all very legitimate responses when asked this question. Especially if you have always grew up in the city. Well now that I live in the country this was a question I was asked. And let me tell you when I was asked this the expression of confusion on my face was far more humorous than it was intended to be. It was then explained to me that the ranches here where I live sell the whole cow after being slaughtered. Now it is a great deal financially wise. It’s like the ultimate Costco deal (no Costco up here either). Nevertheless that question took me off guard. You truely realize you are no longer a city girl and now live in a small town when that is an option for you.

Still working on the camo thing….not quite my style….yet. 

If you don’t like the weather…wait a minute.

Up here in the Eastern Sierras, the weather changes daily. Actually hourly. It’s constantly different. And as an working adult who live 40 minutes from where I work getting dressed is really hard every morning. Well let’s face it getting dressed everyday is hard period. I would much rather just stay in bed and in my comfy pajamas! So this weather thing is an added nuisance . I’ll wake up and it’ll be 36 degrees. 36 DEGREES! Um ew! But then by noon it’s in the 70s/80s. So naturally in the morning I’m looking at my winter clothes…gloves, scarves, heavy jackets. But I have to tell my really tired mind, “no Amanda…it’s going to get warm…man up and dress for that.” So the only logical solution I have come up with is……layers. Lots and lots of layers. Layer up in the morning and as it gets hot layer down. So whenever any of you guys come to visit me this time of year pack with layers!!

But gosh is it gorgeous up here!



Officially FitBit’n

For the past week I have officially transitioned into a new FitBit-er. I have a tendency to be a little behind the hype trends. I’m never far behind but I prefer to wait until all they hype dies down from it. I mean who wants to follow the crowd? I don’t. I think this is part of the stubbornness in me. Like…I am really stubborn. Whoopsies! Te-he

Any who! I enjoy the FitBit WAYYY more than I expected! This little thing tracks so much! My favorite is being able to see my sleep patterns and a time frame of how many hours I was able to sleep. Oh and the little vibration alarms and phone calls it does…pretty awesome. The other little feature I thoroughly enjoy is the challenges. A WIDE majority of people have one especially my friends. With these little challenges you can compete how many steps you take during the day and such. OK I LOVE THIS. Competition…I adore you. Kind of a brat like that. Have. To. Win. I will see that I am not in the lead and that will NOT do. Ill start walking around the house in circles just to get in the lead. Start texting my friends encouraging them to go to the bed or to watch a movie. You know, because: winning.

Now I just got to get my butt in gear and really start working out…you know to get that whole summer body in motion. Loose weight and tan cause you could call me “see-through” right now. But I am confident this FitBit will motivate me in that direction.

Stay tuned. Should be interesting. Oh Challenge me…I like a little competition! 🙂

But it actually does…Creepy like that.