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Glasses and Rain…

go together as well as my bills and my bank balance. (They don’t!)

Your glasses get drops all over them…god forbid it’s cold and they start to fog up. #NerdProblems And then as you are trying to get to your car you have to take you finger to wipe the drops off your glasses in a windshield wiper motion. Which doesn’t look funny at all. Yes it does, it looks incredibly funny.

There isn’t much you can do to prevent this in the rain the only thing you can do is get contacts and be ok with touching your eye. Or don’t wear your glasses and be blind. But that might be worse…tripping, falling, making a scene.

Ok wait this 👇🏼 would work….


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Time Change.

Go back. I don’t care about that extra hour in the morning. I want it to still be daylight when I get home from work. When it is pitch black – in the country we don’t have street lights – when I get home I want to eat and you know get in bed. It’s night’s bed time…my day is done. That mentally would totally work if I got up at 4 am and did the crap I have to do at night. Buttttt that is definitely NOT the case. I still push my alarm with like two to three alarms. Making me run around the house with my head cut off cause I have about 8 minutes until I have to get in my car.

So time change sucks. That’s my conclusion.


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Last Name Change

So if you are like me you are scrolling through facebook and there is all of the sudden all these people on your news feed that you have NO recollection of their name. And then it dawns on you…”Oh ya they got married!” Now these are more aquaintances than real close friends, you know the ones you were actually at the wedding. But the the people you went to school with or you met that one night at the bar and instantly became best friends; it’s those ones that I am like who the heck is this. And this happens almost on the daily basis. I have to go to their profile and really look at their profile picture to regain my memory. Most of the time I click on their picture and it is a wedding picture and I realize oh ya I remember now. However! I am then trying to rack my brain of their maiden name!!! And just because I can’t think of it immediately it bugs me and it is on my mind for quite some time! So because of this I have decided once I change my name I will be doing the parentheses just so I don’t confuse the poor folk that see me on their news feed.

Cause I don’t think I do….
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iPadded Up

I’ve wanted an iPad for a while but couldn’t find the exact justifications to go ahead with it. Well I did it. I figured I’m getting old and turning 26 in 11 days (I’m not counting or anything). So my justification is my birthday present to myself. However I did come up with a few others just do I can spit them out when people ask, “Why? You have a MacBook and an iPhone?”  

  • I can take it with me ANYWHERE and use as my computer.
  • To write blog posts on the go (I know lucky you guys!)
  • To do my schoolwork on my lunch and breaks.
  • To watch something while I work out 😂
  • And because I want it!

Yes I am writing this post on my new pad…think of all the accessories I need for it. If anyone ever needs any marketing advice look at Apples. They get you hooked and continue get you coming back for more and more. Also if anyone wants to start their own business; Apple after products. There you guys go some great money making tips. Use them. Credit me. Xoxo 

And yes I got pink.