I do NOT conform.

Why? What's the point in doing whatever everyone wants or thinks is the right thing? There is none. Is it something that is going to make you happy? Then HELL YES do it! But don't do it because society tells you to. Ha! I laugh in the face of society.
So my new motto lately has been:

I do not conform

I say it rather often…."Mandy you should do this…don't do that….what the hell are you even doing?" I don't have the slightest clue…I just know I'm not gonna conform! He he


Tale as Old as Time.

I. Love. Beauty and the Beast. Always have always will. Every girl has there go to Disney movie and this was mine. I can not tell you the countless times that I was Belle for Halloween. Like 5… Cause I’m obsessive like that. This was my first love story that I fell in love with. I probably watched this on the daily…ask my mom she will vouche for me! There were certain scenes I could not watch…well only one…the west wing. I would yell for my mommy…”she is going in the west wing!” My mother would have to come and fast forward…vhs style…(yes I’m old…hence Quarter Life Crisis here) and then I would be a ok.

The ironic thing out of all of this was that I oddly had a crush on Gaston….always was a sucker for muscles 💪🏽. Arnold Schwarzenegger was my first real human crush. But you know the bad boy strong man type.

But out of all my Beauty and the Beast memories THIS is my favorite…My Papa and I on, yes a Halloweenwhere I was Belle



And…Ill do it myself!💯✔️

So I love make up. I love doing it and looking at all the new styles and tricks. Because of my love to sleep in I don’t always spend the time I wish I could in the morning on my make up. I’m so particular about my make up that I’m most likely going to do my own make up for my wedding. The best compliment I received recently was when I went to get my make up done right before my engagement photos. My man was waiting me for me to be done so we could go finish getting ready. I was sitting there critiquing and knowing EXACTLY what I was going to change and fix when I got home. As we were walking away I casually asked….well do you like it? (I always have ulterior motives to every question I ask…I’m woman..what do you expect!) Anyways he looked at me and said…”well I like it better when you do it…you like pretty but you do your make up better.” DING DING DING!!! Point for you sir! (Reason 638392736488 I am marrying him). So yes I’ll be purchasing the BEST waterproof everything (I’ll be crying like a baby) to do my own make up on my wedding day.

Any suggestions or products I should try; leave them right here in the comments! Gracias!!!!

Also if you wanna check out my make-up Pinterest board…I like it…you might also! 👍🏼 (link below)

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Beauty School Drop-Out

Soooo at one point in my life I went to beauty school. I didn’t finish all my hours BUT I did learn enough to basically do all the maintenance on my own hair. For instance I color my own hair and well as cut it. My bathroom is my own personal beauty shop. It’s come in quite handy and has saved quite a bit of money. However my hair ADD kicks in quite often and I am constantly wanting to change my hair. I get bored and I want something different. Which always leaves my hair damaged and needing a hair cut…well then I do that too. My issue at this point is that I have a wedding coming up…can’t keep changing my mind. I currently have the reddish/burgundy color going on which I love when it’s freshly done. However I am going through the thought that I want to go back blonde for the big day. I have all the product sitting in my bathroom to do this as well as the scissors ready to trim the dead ends. I just need to make a decision and stick with it for the next 8 months. Hell maybe after the wedding I’ll just dye it blue!

Decisions decisions….


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Patience is a virtue

So we did thing called an engagement photoshoot this weekend. And then I was told I don’t get to see them for about a week. I. AM. DYING. I wanna see them now. I want to pick and post them and order our save the dates. To say my patience is being tested is a understatement. And now that we are doing these things and time is shrinking in and in I am so understanding how women become bridezillas. Patience is tested constantly. Especially when things go a little awry. I may just need to look into a Xanax prescription for the couple month. I think everyone surrounding me will appreciate that.

Don’t they know me?

Plan This to Remember That

I have two passwords that I use for just about every account. Then I realized how border line unsafe that is considering if someone were to find out one of them they could access a whole bunch of my crap. But too bad that’s how I roll. UNTIL I lock myself out for some reason and then have to press “forgot password” and go through the steps to reset it to eventually get the notice that I can’t change my password to one I’ve used before. Excuse me!?! Do they understand what that does to this women?? This is why I have come up with a Password Keeper to safely have all these massive amounts of logins in one place. Just don’t lose this paper cause uh ya you’d be screwed.




Toaster Dial

So part of adulting means you learn things you thought you already knew. Today my lesson was about the toaster. The dial to be specific. I always saw the numbers on the dial and I just naturally assumed they meant the level of toastiness the toast would be. Like on a toaster scale of 1 to 7 how burnt do you want this. Well ladies and gentlemen that is not quite the case. Those numbers represent minutes. Minutes guys. When I realized that, I could not believe that I never grasped that before. I mean 7 minutes would be a level 7 burnt…it’s in the toaster for 7 dang minutes.

Ive decided I’m just going to continue with toastiness scale…it’s more fun that way.

Maybe I just need one of these…can you say wedding registry?