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Engagement Photos Level: Awkward

I really do just love the awkward uncomfortable feeling that just makes you burst into laughter. In my hunt to find the cutest poses for engagements photos.  I’ve came across a plethora of photos that LOLing was an understatement. Here are my top 10 faves I found!

♥ Enjoy:


Beauty School Drop-Out

Soooo at one point in my life I went to beauty school. I didn’t finish all my hours BUT I did learn enough to basically do all the maintenance on my own hair. For instance I color my own hair and well as cut it. My bathroom is my own personal beauty shop. It’s come in quite handy and has saved quite a bit of money. However my hair ADD kicks in quite often and I am constantly wanting to change my hair. I get bored and I want something different. Which always leaves my hair damaged and needing a hair cut…well then I do that too. My issue at this point is that I have a wedding coming up…can’t keep changing my mind. I currently have the reddish/burgundy color going on which I love when it’s freshly done. However I am going through the thought that I want to go back blonde for the big day. I have all the product sitting in my bathroom to do this as well as the scissors ready to trim the dead ends. I just need to make a decision and stick with it for the next 8 months. Hell maybe after the wedding I’ll just dye it blue!

Decisions decisions….



Plan This to Remember That

I have two passwords that I use for just about every account. Then I realized how border line unsafe that is considering if someone were to find out one of them they could access a whole bunch of my crap. But too bad that’s how I roll. UNTIL I lock myself out for some reason and then have to press “forgot password” and go through the steps to reset it to eventually get the notice that I can’t change my password to one I’ve used before. Excuse me!?! Do they understand what that does to this women?? This is why I have come up with a Password Keeper to safely have all these massive amounts of logins in one place. Just don’t lose this paper cause uh ya you’d be screwed.




10 lbs in 2 weeks.

In just a little more than 2 weeks we will be having our engagement photo shoot. Which also means I still have some weight I want to lose. So. I’ve decided to start this challenge…and truly see if I notice a difference.


Reading this I’m thinking “oh this will be easy”…but then I’m thinking um 80 lunges…like 80 at once?!?! Holy crap. Looks like I’ll be having jello legs for a little! But let’s do this!


Keep on planning.


As I said before I am going to continue a weekly series with new printables! This week is a daily planner! Giving you hourly spots priority list and notes as well as a list for all of your meals! I may not meal plan on a regular basis but I do like to try and keep track of what I eat as much as possible for that whole healthy eating! Click the link below and spread the word!



Click here for the download!!! ↓

Daily Planner

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You know you were born in the 90’s…

If you remember these fabulous things you had an amazing childhood!

AIM | My aways messages were on point sending messages to all!
beanie babies
They are going to be worthing something…someday and I have about 300 hundred.
floppy disk
If she doesn’t know what this is..she is too young for you bro.
Fly Fairy Fly!
Take may gaming anywhere!
gel pens
Gel pens..wrote the prettiest notes.
The sexual inuendos that I now realize these brought.
Please bring them back!
pokemon cards
Just so you know..I had a holographic Charizard.
ring pop
Ring Pop. I wasn’t allowed to walk and have one..what was the point then?
Over EVERY paper I had. I was so cool.
skip it
The amount of cardio these brought. Actually I think I will purchase one now.
spice girls
I’llllll Tell you what I want what I really really want!
tatoo necklaces
Thank God these are coming back!
Oh crap…I haven’t fed this thing in 18 years..hope its still kicking.
No one understand the struggle of trying to fit this in your pocket.
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5 things by 25

As the last few weeks approach of my 25th year there are somethings I realized I have learned. Here you go:

  1. Pay your bills…ON TIME Ok so I know we all think we know this but at a younger age you do not realize the effect that paying things late will have on you.
  2. Take care of your body. Yes it IS true…as you get older you cannot eat any and everything that you may want to and once you hit that point it is so much harder to change your habbits…trust.
  3. Be Selfish. Sometimes its hard to put yourself first (For some this is not an issue at all) but your 20s is a time for you to grow and become an selfish and make the choices YOU want to not some one else.
  4. Friendships=Work. Once you get older maintaining friendships take a lot of work and you HAVE to put your part in it also. This is where you find out the friends that are true and those that aren’t.
  5. Be Scared. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and experience new stuff you would never think you do. You never know you just might like it.