Life in the Fast Lane 

To get anywhere from house we take HWY 395. Now this is (mostly) a four lane hwy; two lanes each direction. And all along the hwy there are signs stating : “Slower traffic keep right”. With obvious implication the left lane is for passing; the fast lane. Now the locals are very used to this concept and how to properly execute it. HOWEVER the town of Bishop (where I work) is a tourist town and only 45 miles away from Mammoth Mountain…so needless to say there are a lot of vacationers. Unfortunately the vacationers for some reason cannot grasp to simply move to right when I’m coming down the fast lane. Don’t get me wrong my road rage has significantly improved since living in the city…there is rarely ever traffic around here just a few that seem to not want to get out of my way.

 Tee Hee