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Sick Day.

Being an adult and being sick SUCKS. You’re not a little kid where your mom brings you chicken noodle soup. Instead I have my fiancé who is taking care of me, bringing meds and trying to make me feel better. Poor guy…I’m not looking the greatest and I’m sure the runny nose and gross cough is REAL attractive….not!  It really sucks on a weekend when you have a long list of things to do. Like a very long list. I’m laying in bed thinking about all I should be doing. Yet all that is happening is more meds and more sleep. I keep telling myself it’s just sinuses from allergies to encourage my body to get over it by tomorrow morning so I can do my long to do list. Hopefully the power of positive thinking will work. Fingers crossed.  I’m also laying here realizing how I’ve taken for granted a non blocked nose and lack of head pressure. Like I will very much be thankful when mine is restored.


And this will be the extent of all of my accomplishments today.




Accident Prone

So adulting includes this crap where you have to pay a company a monthly amount of money just IN CASE something bad happens. Seriously what the hell is that?!?! All this money every month in case there is one instance that happens to cover all your crap. Insurance. Just to make you feel safe. But it’s not just one. There is health, car, home owners, renters, and so on and so forth. All these companies getting MY money every month to insure you are covered in case something bad happens. What if you just live a simple life and are over cautious to not let anything happen? Welllllll that’s not good enough. And ok fine I’ve utilized my insurance a time or two but before I grew wise I really said screw it…I’m not wasting my money on “insurance “ I’ll just pay out when I have to. Well one of the great traits I inherited from my father is…accident prone. We’re dare Devils. We go all out. We like the rush and thrill and we like to live on the edge. Yes I got that rush from my dad. He is crazy in a good way. Well, he gets hurt a lot but he gets back up and does it again and I love that about him. And well…me with my strong willed lack of want for insurance I of course break my leg and ALMOST tear my achilles tendon on a dirt bike with NO insurance.  And let me tell you I learned my lesson. Yes this lump some you pay out SUCKS but there are times it comes in handy. So just do it…pay the insurance…suck it up..and deal with it. Cause there will be a time when it actually comes in handy.  (Actually is said sarcastically because it freakin sucks!)





T-minus 24 hours.

This exact time, 10:23 AM, tomorrow I will have came into this world 26 years ago. Say what!?!?!  That’s a long ass time. A lot of life lessons. A lot of experience. A lot of opportunities. A lot of opinions formed. And a lot of loved received. I remember being 15 years old wanting this age to be here. To be established in life and somewhat know what is going to be happening with me. And to be honest it’s here and I am happy with where I am. I have an amazing job doing things I love, in 251 days I’ll be marrying my best friend, I have strong friendships and a wonderful family. I am a very lucky woman. As I don’t fully know what’s going to happen…I know where I am at in life and I absolutely love it. The paths I’ve taken and lessons I’ve learned are what got me here today and I am grateful for that. There isn’t one thing I can honestly say I regret. And I know there are some that can’t say that. Yes I am grateful for all the STUPID decisions I’ve made or trouble I’ve gotten because that is what makes me me. And who doesn’t want to be me??? Ha ha!

thank you to all who has made me me…I love you for that.

Embrace every freakin moment! 

Help! I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up.

Well that sums up how this work out has been going. I feel great…I’m down 4 lbs. (may just be water weight but I am going with it…k?)  Wait let me rephrase I feel great…to my legs hurt like hell! Even just walking I start getting wobbly and can’t help but imagine myself face down when these thighs of mine just give out on me. Like its border line worth investing in a Life Alert. Those commercials sadly bring me such laughter at the super poor quality and unrealistic acting. But I mean I’d by one for the days after leg day. You never know when you’re going to try and walk down some stairs and whoop all of the sudden….you’re on the floor looking up at people who think you just learned how to walk yesterday. Legs broken. They just give up on you like “Oh you thought this was funny working the crap out of me but nah jokes on you!”


So worth it!

10 lbs in 2 weeks.

In just a little more than 2 weeks we will be having our engagement photo shoot. Which also means I still have some weight I want to lose. So. I’ve decided to start this challenge…and truly see if I notice a difference.


Reading this I’m thinking “oh this will be easy”…but then I’m thinking um 80 lunges…like 80 at once?!?! Holy crap. Looks like I’ll be having jello legs for a little! But let’s do this!


Juice Cleanse; Over! 

   Ok so juice cleanse is nearing the end. And to be completely honest I’m a definite NOT FAN. As the days went on the drinks became easier to drink. Well all I did was chug everyone. Once again a sorority technique I’m now grateful for. I lost some water weight but nothing I won’t gain back in the next couple days. HOWEVER there was one positive!! (That’s the optimist in me…looking for something good) and that is…….I have a new found appreciation for just getting my butt in the work out room! So I can eat and I also have an appreciation for eating healthy. So I mean if you need a little kick in the butt like I did this “juice cleanse” is the way. Not worth a before and after pic cause well there isn’t a difference. Just my motivation to get my a** in a work out schedule! 👏🏼💪🏽

This is all in case you wondering.


Juice Cleanse: Day 1

 My fiancé and I have decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse. You know to kick off the *summer-bod-and-I-want-to-be-skinny-in-my-dress* look. I figured I’d update you all each day. Plus this will be my way of coping and trying not to complain as much as I would like too. 6 drinks a day and no food. But the real kicker **NO COFFEE**. With that said I apologize in advance to all humans that come in contact with me the next few days. Let’s just say so far I’m not the found of these drinks. Luckily I have my sorority days to thank for learning how to take shots like a champ. That is how I am drinking them. Each gulp as if it’s a liquor shot. Then a big swig of water. So for anyone who thinks that your younger drinking days won’t come in handy…here you go! They will when you are trying to get healthy and can’t stand the taste of this healthy green crap. 

If only this was how it was done.