Want to buy a cow?

Like a stuffed animal? Or cow print something? As a pet?

These are all very legitimate responses when asked this question. Especially if you have always grew up in the city. Well now that I live in the country this was a question I was asked. And let me tell you when I was asked this the expression of confusion on my face was far more humorous than it was intended to be. It was then explained to me that the ranches here where I live sell the whole cow after being slaughtered. Now it is a great deal financially wise. It’s like the ultimate Costco deal (no Costco up here either). Nevertheless that question took me off guard. You truely realize you are no longer a city girl and now live in a small town when that is an option for you.

Still working on the camo thing….not quite my style….yet. 

Toaster Dial

So part of adulting means you learn things you thought you already knew. Today my lesson was about the toaster. The dial to be specific. I always saw the numbers on the dial and I just naturally assumed they meant the level of toastiness the toast would be. Like on a toaster scale of 1 to 7 how burnt do you want this. Well ladies and gentlemen that is not quite the case. Those numbers represent minutes. Minutes guys. When I realized that, I could not believe that I never grasped that before. I mean 7 minutes would be a level 7 burnt…it’s in the toaster for 7 dang minutes.

Ive decided I’m just going to continue with toastiness scale…it’s more fun that way.

Maybe I just need one of these…can you say wedding registry? 
Mass Media

Hot Dog

There is so much for me to say about hot dogs. First off they are one of my favorite food. And let me tell you why…when that super awesome human that carried me in her tummy for 9 months her pregnancy craving was….you guessed it, hot dogs. So naturally I love em! Yes I know what they are made of…well kind of; I sort of choose to let it stay a mystery to me so that I don’t have to really think about it. Which brings me to my next find. As I was eating at Back Alley Bowl & Grill in Bishop, Ca I came across the hot dog option on the menu: (See below)



Ok come on who doesn’t want to order something that can bring such laughter to the description. Hot dog – your basic wiener grilled like in your own backyard . “Your basic wiener” definition please!!! There are so many jokes and puns I could keep going however as I’ve said before I know my sweet, innocent, 13 year old sister reads my post so I shall opt for the PG version of the jokes. But just know I have more…oh so many funny more!




My evolution of grocery shopping.

As a child I HATED going. My mom would bribe and bribe me to go until I would eventually give in. I’d get there and inevitably put all I wanted into the cart. Some things hoping my mom wouldn’t notice and just purchase. I would go down the aisle throwing stuff in like “I want this, and this, and that, oh and HAVE to have this!” By the next week I didn’t want to go again and the whole cycle would start over.

By 18 I was on the go all the time. The grocery store was like this place I used to know but do not go anymore cause fast food and eating out was what all I did. And at that point my body never changed a bit, I could eat all I wanted. God, I miss those days.

Well now in my twenties grocery shopping has now changed into a mathmatical equation. Each item I put in my cart I am adding the total in my head. Hell – there as been times where I whip out the calculater. Cause when its the end of the month and al bills are paid but you only have a set amount of money to work with THE last thing you need is to be in line and have your card decline.

And now when I convince (bribe and bribe) my man to come with me (so I dont have to be alone – I get it Mom…I’m sorry for not willingly going) HE now puts stuff in the cart! But because of my past I am wise to those tricks and nip it in the bootay RIGHT AWAY! Nice try bro! NOT happening!

Me to a teeeee!!

Chicken all a Queen…could eat.

This is my ultimate favorite meal. EVER. To the point that any special occasion where for whatever reason I got to chose what I wanted for dinner I would chose this meal. It got so bad I started getting restrictions on it as in like you have have whatever you want BUT chick a la King. As I have gotten older I now realize why this meal isn’t the best for you. For your taste buds; yes…for your body; not so much. With tonight being the eve before a very strenuous diet and work out sessions begin, (It’s bikini season but really I have a wedding to attend BE IN I AM THE BRIDE IN in less than a year)

I ask my man what should we have for dinner tonight? I expected pizza to be the answer (which if you know me I am sooo okay with) but no he surprised me. He responded with “you can make chicken a la king” *[Umm what?!? THIS is why I am marrying you*!!!] Was my response. So as you are reading this post my tastebuds are being seduced by the delicious flavorings of my favorite food; chicken a la king.

Now that I think about this...Mom- wanna make this for my wedding for everyone?

No…thats not my finger. Mine are cuter girl style!

My thighs are hungover.

Like seriously hung-over. All shaky, dehydrated, and just don’t want to work. Ive gotten more serious about working out to look fabulous for my big day. My boyfriend fiancé (I am still trying to get used to this terminology) has always been very into working-out and has always inspired me to do so as well. I have done more than I would EVER before we started dating. But NOW I have been very diligent on doing my “work-outs”. Even though it has only been a week of better consistency (I’m not going to say perfect..) I must say that I feel better, overall. I’m not necessarily fitting into any of my clothes better or ready to be walking around in a bathing suit at the lake BUT I feel better; happier, healthier, and more productive. All that crap you read about feeling better being linked with fitness is true.

Who wudda thunk it! 

However my biggest struggle is food. Precisely PIZZA. Love love pizza. Like a lot. It has always been my go to lunch food. It just brings pure ecstasy to my taste buds. I even contemplated serving pizza at my wedding. I mean who doesn’t enjoy pizza?! I won’t be doing but it did cross my mind. Sadly, in order for all the working out to make a difference apparently you have to change your diet as well. So when I came across the video below I could relate oh so well.

“I feel so HANGRY; breakfast, dinner, and lunch”