Mass Media

I’m not anti-social, I’m just not user friendly. 

Being in my quarter life crisis I have experienced MySpace. Oh gosh- that was my favorite. Picking my Top 8 daily….if you pissed me off in the slightest..Buh Byessss! (Mind you this was during high school years; emotions and feelings flying in every direction.) Spending COUNTLESS hours learning html codes and completely customizing my page. Yes I could write a killer html layout. I could let my inner nerd out and be cool cause my site was so bad-ass! Loved that dang thing.  MySpace started to fade extremely quickly once Zuckerberg revolutionized and brought us Facebook. I naturally jumped on the Facebook-bandwagon; who hasn’t? You have friend requests from your mom’s cousin’s third wife; you stay connected. I also get involved with Instagram. But I pretty much stopped there. All of these other social media outlets; Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, Vine, and all the other countless ones I KNOW nothing about. I started to have an self realization. I’m old. I would rather stick to the few I know how to use and prefer NOT to learn yet another social media account. I wish I could get the hang of Twitter. But sadly I just do not get it. And to be honest I don’t have the motivation to learn it. ←That’s when it hit me. You know you have those few older family members who refuse to learn the computer or a smart phone cause that just don’t wanna? Yea well that is me. I just don’t wanna.

But don’t worry I managed to learn how to blog; just for you guys! Feel loved.


You sent him WHAT?!?


Facebook FBI 101

             Attention woman!
Every girl needs to know this. Or don’t cause it may bring out the crazy. For that I apologize in advance. In your search field on Facebook you can simply put: “photos commented on by *inserst name of boy you are into/dating or person you are creeping on*”.   This little trick is a game changer and by far very interesting. I must say though that EVERY WOMAN has an urge and this just an easy way to feed that hunger. When a woman wants information they WILL find it; this little tip just makes it that much easier.  I, myself, along with really good friends (YOU know who you are!) have done some intense FBI investigations on not only men but women as well. We will be up on someone’s cousin’s ex-fiancé’s sister’s page saying “I knew it!!!” 

It’s fun; don’t judge me please! 

“How do you know that…weren’t dating then…” Facebook, Facebook is how I know!