Chicken all a Queen…could eat.

This is my ultimate favorite meal. EVER. To the point that any special occasion where for whatever reason I got to chose what I wanted for dinner I would chose this meal. It got so bad I started getting restrictions on it as in like you have have whatever you want BUT chick a la King. As I have gotten older I now realize why this meal isn’t the best for you. For your taste buds; yes…for your body; not so much. With tonight being the eve before a very strenuous diet and work out sessions begin, (It’s bikini season but really I have a wedding to attend BE IN I AM THE BRIDE IN in less than a year)

I ask my man what should we have for dinner tonight? I expected pizza to be the answer (which if you know me I am sooo okay with) but no he surprised me. He responded with “you can make chicken a la king” *[Umm what?!? THIS is why I am marrying you*!!!] Was my response. So as you are reading this post my tastebuds are being seduced by the delicious flavorings of my favorite food; chicken a la king.

Now that I think about this...Mom- wanna make this for my wedding for everyone?

No…thats not my finger. Mine are cuter girl style!