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Traditions denied by adulting. 🙅🏼

At this very time – every year since I was born – I would be sitting shotgun in my Dad’s or my Papa’s motorhome working the CB radio on the way to Dumont Dunes. *If you do not know what a CB radio is you are too young!!!* My family was part of the Dune Masters, a dune buggy club that went out together and had the time of our lives. Since my Papa passed my family has not kept up this tradition. And let me tell you I want more than anything to get it started again, raising my children doing it and experiencing all that I have grown and loved.

But you know growing up, bills, work, all that adulting CRAP really puts a halt to these traditions you experienced as a kid. Its not like my entire childhood where I had the whole next week off and a family to fund this VERY  expensive get-a-way. I keep telling myself, “Next year! We are doing it!” But it never quite works out that way.

Its not just the camping and riding about going to the dunes. It was/IS the Dune Masters. The camaraderie of everyone out there. The traditions out there; Bingo night, the raffle, the all day mens ride, ALL of us eating Thanksgiving dinner TOGETHER, the campfires, going to the canyon at night to shoot bottle rockets at each other, THE PEOPLE. 

I’ve always promised myself I was going to become the first “girl” Dune Master to get in with her Papa’s buggy. Im going to do it. I’M GOING TO DO IT NEXT YEAR. I have decided. It’s going to happen.

Have fun out there Dune Masters! I’ll be thinking of you! Wishing I was out there!

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Newspaper Famous

So as I’ve mentioned I live in a small town. Everyone knows you. Good and bad. Since living here there has been two occasions where I have gotten texts/phone calls and in person confronts telling me I am in the newspaper. I love it! But immediately my mind is like Ahhhh what picture is this and how do I look???? Very important! I didn’t post it so I wasn’t able to edit…retake…or delete! Luckily I’ve be ok with my pic in the newspaper and I might add it’s not to bad to have people recognize you! Hell ya that’s me little miss famous in the paper!

Here I am!



Desert Life

му ѕиαρ ¢нαт ℓσ¢αтισи fιℓтєя ιѕ “∂єѕєят ℓιfє”

Um what is this? Now as I’ve said before I’m not an avid snapchatter but occasionally I’ll get on reply to the few I have. Now if you aren’t familiar with snapchat depending on the location you are in there will be different filters with the city name or if it’s a holiday it’ll have filters for the day. Pretty cool and fun to see all of them. Well today as I was in my response to the snaps I had I scrolled through the filters and desert life appears on my picture. YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE WHEN THAT IS YOUR SNAPCHAT FILTER. I love love the desert; always have, always will but this completely cracked me up. I mean it’s real now because my snapchat filtered me so. 

I’m living the desert life.