Want to buy a cow?

Like a stuffed animal? Or cow print something? As a pet?

These are all very legitimate responses when asked this question. Especially if you have always grew up in the city. Well now that I live in the country this was a question I was asked. And let me tell you when I was asked this the expression of confusion on my face was far more humorous than it was intended to be. It was then explained to me that the ranches here where I live sell the whole cow after being slaughtered. Now it is a great deal financially wise. It’s like the ultimate Costco deal (no Costco up here either). Nevertheless that question took me off guard. You truely realize you are no longer a city girl and now live in a small town when that is an option for you.

Still working on the camo thing….not quite my style….yet.¬†

Tale as Old as Time.

I. Love. Beauty and the Beast. Always have always will. Every girl has there go to Disney movie and this was mine. I can not tell you the countless times that I was Belle for Halloween. Like 5… Cause I’m obsessive like that. This was my first love story that I fell in love with. I probably watched this on the daily…ask my mom she will vouche for me! There were certain scenes I could not watch…well only one…the west wing. I would yell for my mommy…”she is going in the west wing!” My mother would have to come and fast forward…vhs style…(yes I’m old…hence Quarter Life Crisis here) and then I would be a ok.

The ironic thing out of all of this was that I oddly had a crush on Gaston….always was a sucker for muscles ūüí™ūüŹĹ. Arnold¬†Schwarzenegger was my first real human crush. But you know the bad boy strong man type.

But out of all my Beauty and the Beast memories THIS is my favorite…My Papa and I on, yes a Halloweenwhere I was Belle


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Sick Day.

Being an adult and being sick SUCKS. You’re not a little kid where your mom brings you chicken noodle soup. Instead I have my fianc√© who is taking care of me, bringing meds and trying to make me feel better. Poor guy…I’m not looking the greatest and I’m sure the runny nose and gross cough is REAL attractive….not!¬† It really sucks on a weekend when you have a long list of things to do. Like a very long list. I’m laying in bed thinking about all I should be doing. Yet all that is happening is more meds and more sleep. I keep telling myself it’s just sinuses from allergies to encourage my body to get over it by tomorrow morning so I can do my long to do list. Hopefully the power of positive thinking will work. Fingers crossed. ¬†I’m also laying here realizing how I’ve taken for granted a non blocked nose and lack of head pressure. Like I will very much be thankful when mine is restored.


And this will be the extent of all of my accomplishments today.



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5 more minutes please…

My famous words every morning when my alarm goes off. It goes off…I say nah 5 more minutes…snooze my alarm…it goes off again. And I repeat this process maybe 3 or 4 times Except snooze goes for 9 minutes NOT 5 but I think that 4 minute difference isn’t going to be that big of a deal. Well it is. It’s the difference from watching the news, doing my hair, doing my make up, packing a lunch, and making breakfast to what ends up happening. Which is that I become so groggy from all my snoozing that I finally look at that time and JUMP out of bed with 10 minutes left to get dressed and attempt at as many of the above listed as possibly. So what usually gets accomplished is I throw some clothes on run to the bathroom, brush my teeth, spray some stuff in my hair (that will inevitably get thrown in a bun) grab my “to-go” make up bag, run back to the kitchen grab some coffee and an instant oatmeal and bolt out the door. Make up gets applied in the car and I rush off to work. I get to work and always say…I really ought to get up earlier so I can look cuter today. God only knows what will end up happening when I have children.

I have started hating so many songs because of this.

Toaster Dial

So part of adulting means you learn things you thought you already knew. Today my lesson was about the toaster. The dial to be specific. I always saw the numbers on the dial and I just naturally assumed they meant the level of toastiness the toast would be. Like on a toaster scale of 1 to 7 how burnt do you want this. Well ladies and gentlemen that is not quite the case. Those numbers represent minutes. Minutes guys. When I realized that, I could not believe that I never grasped that before. I mean 7 minutes would be a level 7 burnt…it’s in the toaster for 7 dang minutes.

Ive decided I’m just going to continue with toastiness scale…it’s more fun that way.

Maybe I just need one of these…can you say wedding registry?¬†
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Hairspray is such a useful tool for women across the world. Besides what it is actually made for…spraying your hair…I have come across so many other uses. And I thought I’d share a few with you.

1.) Most know about this one…but spraying your Bobby pin or hair clips before putting them in your hair helps the pins/clips stay secure.

2.) My favorite is after applying your makeup use your hairspray to spray your face as setting spray!!! It totally works. I come home from work and my make up is still in tact!!

3.) And lastly…when you want to light s fire pit and you don’t have any lighter fluid….hairspray! I learned this one based off of that above situation. No lighter fluid so I asked for hairspray…everyone looked at me like I was crazy…but I got the fire started!!!

Proof I actually did it!



Accident Prone

So adulting includes this crap where you have to pay a company a monthly amount of money just IN CASE something bad happens. Seriously what the hell is that?!?! All this money every month in case there is one instance that happens to cover all your crap. Insurance. Just to make you feel safe. But it’s not just one. There is health, car, home owners, renters, and so on and so forth. All these companies getting MY money every month to insure you are covered in case something bad happens. What if you just live a simple life and are over cautious to not let anything happen? Welllllll that’s not good enough. And ok fine I’ve utilized my insurance a time or two but before I grew wise I really said screw it…I’m not wasting my money on “insurance “¬†I’ll just pay out when I have to. Well one of the great traits I inherited from my father is…accident prone. We’re dare Devils. We go all out. We like the rush and thrill and we like to live on the edge. Yes I got that rush from my dad. He is crazy in a good way. Well, he gets hurt a lot but he gets back up and does it again and I love that about him. And well…me with my strong willed lack of want for insurance I of course break my leg and ALMOST tear my achilles¬†tendon on a dirt bike with NO insurance. ¬†And let me tell you I learned my lesson. Yes this lump some you pay out SUCKS but there are times it comes in handy. So just do it…pay the insurance…suck it up..and deal with it. Cause there will be a time when it actually comes in handy. ¬†(Actually is said sarcastically because it freakin sucks!)