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Glasses and Rain…

go together as well as my bills and my bank balance. (They don’t!)

Your glasses get drops all over them…god forbid it’s cold and they start to fog up. #NerdProblems And then as you are trying to get to your car you have to take you finger to wipe the drops off your glasses in a windshield wiper motion. Which doesn’t look funny at all. Yes it does, it looks incredibly funny.

There isn’t much you can do to prevent this in the rain the only thing you can do is get contacts and be ok with touching your eye. Or don’t wear your glasses and be blind. But that might be worse…tripping, falling, making a scene.

Ok wait this 👇🏼 would work….


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Fix your face. 

Like now. Right now. They can see what you want to say.

I pretty much get told this on a daily basis by those who have my back and are looking out for me. And as soon as they tell me I immediately think…well I thought I was being nice. Guess my face said otherwise. It just happens, I can’t help it. You say something that irritates me or is just stupid my face will react, and I have no control over it. My eyebrows kind of scrunch, my eyes squint, and my mouth slightly opens. All expressing, “Did you really just do that?” Or “Did that really just come out of your mouth?”

Luckily my coworkers are just like me. We get each other and help each other. Thank you friends. I appreciate it 👍🏼

Mass Media

The Walking Stupid.

TV time is a huge entertainment option for my man friend and I. And we have quite a few of “our shows” that I thoroughly enjoy. The Walking Dead  is NOT one of them. Watching The Walking Dead is like watching your mother give birth; you just don’t need to see it. You might think I do not enjoy it because of all the gruesome zombies and all the times I jump and scream from being scared but that is not the reason. The main reason is purely because of the utter lack of common sense that seems to continually occur. I guess that is a theme in the horror genre.

Oh there is an ice chest in a car with an active (I feel like saying live zombie would be an oxy-moron) zombie….let’s open the car and get the ice chest and almost get killed by the zombie who will surely attack me…”  Really?! Does that sound like a very smart decision?! No…NO it does not! Or… “Let’s leave a fully stocked vehicle of food and supplies to maybe go find more….oh sh*t someone else stole THE fully stocked truck we left behind.” 

I get the whole zombie epidemic; there has been a some good movies and what not. And I also understand the drama of the show, the love stories, and all other dynamics that I do find some of it interesting. HOWEVER the constant poor choices give me anxiety and I find myself yelling at the tv and my man friend laughing at me. So for me i choose to stay away from The Walking Dead…like do laundry or clean the bedroom while its on.

walking dead.jpg
Ok…He IS the cutest…so that’s something to look at.