Wardrobe Malfunction 

I don’t get embarrassed easily. I’ll embrace that crap. “Yeah that’s me…I’m funny! Ha ha ha!” However there was this one time. I was so mortified. It was my freshman homecoming. My boyfriend at the time and I went. I was wearing this long pretty dress. (I thought that was appropriate until I realized that short dresses were what were in style) So I was already kind of off then. Any who. There was a call for the last dance of the night. Naturally we ran inside to dance. Everyone else was already on the dance floor and we were running up. I was in front of him cause I wanna dance!!! Andddd he accidentally stepped in this longgg…oh and did I mention strapless dress of mine! Which FELL DOWN!!! And no I wasn’t wearing a bra. So the WHOLE dance floor saw my breast! Free show! And did you remember I was a freshman! So as I stated I’ll embrace my embrassment and shine it off. But how do you do that with this??? Well when you go to school the next Monday and people come up to you handing you Mardie Gras beads you thank them and wear them and laugh! Then go home and pray they don’t expect it at the next dances!!! 

laught it off people. just laugh.
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My freakin life savor. I love google. I love every single thing about it. Don’t know how to do something. Google. Looking for  those song lyrics you just heard but don’t know the name of the song. Google. Need to know an address. Google. Directions. Google. Your boss just asked you to do a pivot table on excel. You guessed it! GOOGLE! I feel sorry for the previous generations that actually had to have all this knowledge and go to extremes to get this information. We are a spoiled world these days. And as much as faulting sucks at times, we have google you guys and that makes like that much easier!  


If you don’t like the weather…wait a minute.

Up here in the Eastern Sierras, the weather changes daily. Actually hourly. It’s constantly different. And as an working adult who live 40 minutes from where I work getting dressed is really hard every morning. Well let’s face it getting dressed everyday is hard period. I would much rather just stay in bed and in my comfy pajamas! So this weather thing is an added nuisance . I’ll wake up and it’ll be 36 degrees. 36 DEGREES! Um ew! But then by noon it’s in the 70s/80s. So naturally in the morning I’m looking at my winter clothes…gloves, scarves, heavy jackets. But I have to tell my really tired mind, “no Amanda…it’s going to get warm…man up and dress for that.” So the only logical solution I have come up with is……layers. Lots and lots of layers. Layer up in the morning and as it gets hot layer down. So whenever any of you guys come to visit me this time of year pack with layers!!

But gosh is it gorgeous up here!


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Before Marriage VS. After Marriage

So there all these funny memes and what it expressing all the differences of before and after marriage. And if that’s true I’m already married. I haven’t come across too many that isn’t already the case. So we can be on the same insurance…save some money that way. But to be honest there isn’t much I don’t know about him and vice a verse. I mean we have ONE bathroom. One! Which means when I’m rushing to get ready and leave the house and he happens to have to use the restroom at the same exact freaking time…we’re in there together. WE. ARE. CLOSE. Maybe even too close. But shoot…he still put a ring on it…and we face that situation many a time prior to being engaged. I mean he has seen my at my worst…no make up, frizzy nappy hair, crabby as heck, and stuffing my face full of food AND he still wants to marry me! I guess it’s mutual…that’s love no matter what. But I am still searching for some other difference I may experience. Commitment of course I know that…like full blown legal commitment.

But let me tell you we are everything in the after column!


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Engagement Photos: Level Love

They are here!!!! They are hear!!!  I know you all have been so desperately waiting along with me! But I got them and am so in love with them. I’ve ordered my save the dates and this whole I’m getting married thing is just happening faster and faster. I mean it’s now 7 months and 1 week. And the pressure is ON. So many things I keep thinking about and feel I have to do. Yes there is time but the past 5 months have more than flown by! Maybe that’s why my posts are getting fewer and fewer. I’ll try to improve on that for you. But for day take a look at my favorite engagement photo. 


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You know you are old when you hear a new song that some teeny bobber just came out with and you realize they are sampling music from when you where a child!! And the. You get mad cause you feel like they are taking something from you. Like um…no that’s not how this tune is supposed to go. And then you start singing the words you know from 15 plus years ago. Well this happened to me the other day. Had my Spotify on shuffle and this new song comes on and I immediately was um no!!! Listened to the whole song to then hear a little rap in there that even goes as far as uses lines from the original! I wasn’t to happy bout that! Here are the two songs: Zendaya “Something New”. Oh the irony because it is not something fully new! Thank you very much. And it is sampling TLC “Creep”. I think it is our job to share with these youngsters where the greatness came from!


And the original…please tell me you hear it too!



Tale as Old as Time.

I. Love. Beauty and the Beast. Always have always will. Every girl has there go to Disney movie and this was mine. I can not tell you the countless times that I was Belle for Halloween. Like 5… Cause I’m obsessive like that. This was my first love story that I fell in love with. I probably watched this on the daily…ask my mom she will vouche for me! There were certain scenes I could not watch…well only one…the west wing. I would yell for my mommy…”she is going in the west wing!” My mother would have to come and fast forward…vhs style…(yes I’m old…hence Quarter Life Crisis here) and then I would be a ok.

The ironic thing out of all of this was that I oddly had a crush on Gaston….always was a sucker for muscles 💪🏽. Arnold Schwarzenegger was my first real human crush. But you know the bad boy strong man type.

But out of all my Beauty and the Beast memories THIS is my favorite…My Papa and I on, yes a Halloweenwhere I was Belle