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Adult Hack: 562 Grocery Shopping Edition

First off…👋 I’m still here!

Now back to the goods. The grocery goods. I hate going grocery shopping. Like I want food and I want to eat but I do not! wanna spend my money on it! But anywho. There is the whole figuring out what you need. Getting in your car. Walking into the store which means you are in public. *ugh people*  🙄 Loading your cart. Giving the person your money. Then back to loading your car. And finally back home to unload. At least at that point you are safe from all those people again!

So hack – when you park, pick the spot right next to one of the cart-rack-storage thingy. It really just saves the awkward look around to see if any one is watch you pop it up on to the curb in front of you or from walking wall the way down the aisle to the nearest one.

Its small and its not like a time saving must but it just makes things a little more convenient.  🤷‍♀️

                               Orrrrr avoid ALL hassle and do this 👆
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New Year. New Stuff.

I know I have been MIA for over a month…it was a crazy month. So many changes right before the new year. So I a, definitely starting 2017 completely different then how I left 2016. That’s good right? Change is good…I keep telling myself. But god damn change is hard. December 2016 started with me deciding to interview for a different position in the county than where I was at. Higher pay and closer to home…and less emotional stress than where I was at. So I wanted it. I ended up getting it. So stoked. But starting a new position with out that work family that got me through each and everyday is….HARD. I feel like a piece of me is missing not having my girls by my side on a daily basis…but I’m doing it…💁🏼

The other huge change for me this December is that is was THE first Christmas that I did not spend with my family. My grandma dad and sister came up Christmas Day…which was awesome…but also not the norm. And let me tell you it was weird!!!!

So I apologize I’ve been missing…but with 2017 starting I’m starting fresh!


I like to be ahead of the game. 

Want to buy a cow?

Like a stuffed animal? Or cow print something? As a pet?

These are all very legitimate responses when asked this question. Especially if you have always grew up in the city. Well now that I live in the country this was a question I was asked. And let me tell you when I was asked this the expression of confusion on my face was far more humorous than it was intended to be. It was then explained to me that the ranches here where I live sell the whole cow after being slaughtered. Now it is a great deal financially wise. It’s like the ultimate Costco deal (no Costco up here either). Nevertheless that question took me off guard. You truely realize you are no longer a city girl and now live in a small town when that is an option for you.

Still working on the camo thing….not quite my style….yet. 
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Christmas List.

So Christmas is right around the corner. I mean like right there as soon as you turn the corner!!! By this time every year as a child I had magazines on top of magazines with circles outlining everything I wanted. And because I was such a fortunate child I got pretty much everything I ever wanted. It also helped that I was THE only child for about 8 years in my whole family. Tehe

However now when I get asked, “what do you want for Christmas?” – “Well….financial stability…new career…to eat whatever I want and not get fat…oh and a nap!” That’s all I want these days. Biggest one is the nap. If I could just a bunch of those all time, life would be grand!


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Fix your face. 

Like now. Right now. They can see what you want to say.

I pretty much get told this on a daily basis by those who have my back and are looking out for me. And as soon as they tell me I immediately think…well I thought I was being nice. Guess my face said otherwise. It just happens, I can’t help it. You say something that irritates me or is just stupid my face will react, and I have no control over it. My eyebrows kind of scrunch, my eyes squint, and my mouth slightly opens. All expressing, “Did you really just do that?” Or “Did that really just come out of your mouth?”

Luckily my coworkers are just like me. We get each other and help each other. Thank you friends. I appreciate it 👍🏼

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Heater on. 

Well it has officially started. This cold weather crap. The heater came on today and I am not sure how I feel about it! I like hot. Not freezing my butt off! But the warm coziness of our house is very nice. And this means that all those fun holidays are coming up. Which this will be the first year I get to host family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Can you say…..ADULT! Cause that’s what the means. When you start having your family over for those big holidays you are adulting like no other. But it also gives me an excuse to decorate and be all cute for everything! I need to start acquiring Christmas Tree ornaments! 

Last year we had snow at our house! SNOW! Yes I was that typical tourist taking pictures of the snow. Typical SoCal girl right here. I’m used to 75 degree weather in winter. Ha ha. 

We’ll hear it goes!

and my taste buds are watering…

Wardrobe Malfunction 

I don’t get embarrassed easily. I’ll embrace that crap. “Yeah that’s me…I’m funny! Ha ha ha!” However there was this one time. I was so mortified. It was my freshman homecoming. My boyfriend at the time and I went. I was wearing this long pretty dress. (I thought that was appropriate until I realized that short dresses were what were in style) So I was already kind of off then. Any who. There was a call for the last dance of the night. Naturally we ran inside to dance. Everyone else was already on the dance floor and we were running up. I was in front of him cause I wanna dance!!! Andddd he accidentally stepped in this longgg…oh and did I mention strapless dress of mine! Which FELL DOWN!!! And no I wasn’t wearing a bra. So the WHOLE dance floor saw my breast! Free show! And did you remember I was a freshman! So as I stated I’ll embrace my embrassment and shine it off. But how do you do that with this??? Well when you go to school the next Monday and people come up to you handing you Mardie Gras beads you thank them and wear them and laugh! Then go home and pray they don’t expect it at the next dances!!! 

laught it off people. just laugh.