First off excuse the profanity in the picture. HOWEVER this picture hits home with me. And to be honest something I may have accidentally done. Actually more like multiple time. I get the load in the wash and start it….and then…I’m done. Or I like to think that I am. I have received so many text the next day stating there is some type of clothing not dry for him because I didn’t put it in the dryer: underwear, pants, jacket, and shirts.

Granted for my right to be right (I always am) I have sign in the laundry room stating “If you want you laundry done in a timely fashion…DO IT YOURSELF.” HeHe So my response to these texts are: “Please refer to sign hanging to the right of the dryer. You are welcome for getting the load started.” (Ladies…little tip/trick: put a sign up..they can’t fault you…they’ve been warned!)

And the sexting part? Do they mean “married flirty text” cause I am pretty sure I am still part of the generation prior to sexting. Flirty text = ok…”sexting”=  awkward. But maybe I just don’t understand the difference between flirting and sexting. They sound completely different to me and I won’t get into details why.



Keep on keeping on planning!

So as I’ve mentioned one too many times….part of adulting is actually paying your bills. Eww. Can’t I just keep my money? That would be great. But we can’t. We get paid and immediately we have to dish it out to all these companies. Not to mention the necessities like groceries and gas. Really took those for granted when I didn’t have to pay for them. So part of my planning series I have done a monthly bill planner. This also helps keep track of when you’ve paid that bill for that month. If you are like me you don’t love the auto-pay feature. Once I am richer than rich and I can have all my bills automatically paid and I won’t have to even think about what amount that will leave in my account. Ok great that’ll be nice but until then…I use this page to mark off when I’ve paid each bill. It also helps my take a quick glance to see what dreadful payments I have left to pay!

Enjoy your monthly-bill-tracker!!!


Make-Up · Tips.Tricks.Tutorials


Hairspray is such a useful tool for women across the world. Besides what it is actually made for…spraying your hair…I have come across so many other uses. And I thought I’d share a few with you.

1.) Most know about this one…but spraying your Bobby pin or hair clips before putting them in your hair helps the pins/clips stay secure.

2.) My favorite is after applying your makeup use your hairspray to spray your face as setting spray!!! It totally works. I come home from work and my make up is still in tact!!

3.) And lastly…when you want to light s fire pit and you don’t have any lighter fluid….hairspray! I learned this one based off of that above situation. No lighter fluid so I asked for hairspray…everyone looked at me like I was crazy…but I got the fire started!!!

Proof I actually did it!



Help! I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up.

Well that sums up how this work out has been going. I feel great…I’m down 4 lbs. (may just be water weight but I am going with it…k?)  Wait let me rephrase I feel great…to my legs hurt like hell! Even just walking I start getting wobbly and can’t help but imagine myself face down when these thighs of mine just give out on me. Like its border line worth investing in a Life Alert. Those commercials sadly bring me such laughter at the super poor quality and unrealistic acting. But I mean I’d by one for the days after leg day. You never know when you’re going to try and walk down some stairs and whoop all of the sudden….you’re on the floor looking up at people who think you just learned how to walk yesterday. Legs broken. They just give up on you like “Oh you thought this was funny working the crap out of me but nah jokes on you!”


So worth it!

10 lbs in 2 weeks.

In just a little more than 2 weeks we will be having our engagement photo shoot. Which also means I still have some weight I want to lose. So. I’ve decided to start this challenge…and truly see if I notice a difference.


Reading this I’m thinking “oh this will be easy”…but then I’m thinking um 80 lunges…like 80 at once?!?! Holy crap. Looks like I’ll be having jello legs for a little! But let’s do this!


Keep on planning.


As I said before I am going to continue a weekly series with new printables! This week is a daily planner! Giving you hourly spots priority list and notes as well as a list for all of your meals! I may not meal plan on a regular basis but I do like to try and keep track of what I eat as much as possible for that whole healthy eating! Click the link below and spread the word!



Click here for the download!!! ↓

Daily Planner


Plan on it.

So as I have mentioned before I am a planner. I am always looking, buying, re-organizing planners. I just love them. And then I thought ok I should just start making my own that I can just love so much. So I did it. I started making my own planner pages that I shall share with you. I am going to start a series once a week with new FREE printable for you create your personal planner. There is always certain little characteristics that I enjoy in one planner but it is not in the other and the other has something different I enjoy.  So I am going to create my own with everything I like!

Today is the weekly planner. It has a section for each day, a priorities section, and a to do list. A week at a glance. You can get your important priorities jotted down so you can quickly brief look and know what you have going on for the week. Cause if you’re my age you can’t remember two days ahead of you. So a weekly planner will be grrrreat! Oh and also the “slashes” on the side are for you to put whatever dates you want…just in case you didn’t know! 🙂

Enjoy my friends! I hope you enjoy this much as I do!


Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner copy