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Heater on. 

Well it has officially started. This cold weather crap. The heater came on today and I am not sure how I feel about it! I like hot. Not freezing my butt off! But the warm coziness of our house is very nice. And this means that all those fun holidays are coming up. Which this will be the first year I get to host family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Can you say…..ADULT! Cause that’s what the means. When you start having your family over for those big holidays you are adulting like no other. But it also gives me an excuse to decorate and be all cute for everything! I need to start acquiring Christmas Tree ornaments! 

Last year we had snow at our house! SNOW! Yes I was that typical tourist taking pictures of the snow. Typical SoCal girl right here. I’m used to 75 degree weather in winter. Ha ha. 

We’ll hear it goes!

and my taste buds are watering…

Guardian Angel.

Well this one may be a sappy post…I shall try and keep it as light hearted as possible. However the other day I touched on My Papa. I haven’t explained that relationship to you guys yet and I feel I should. My papa (Grandpa) was seriously the coolest man! And when I was a young child we did everything together! He took me to so many new places and taught me so many things I will never forget. Some of which are extremely inappropriate sayings..that now being an adult I fully comprehend! We shared so many interests…the love for the sand dunes…his dune buggy (that I so luckily have now)…music…tv…food. He used to help me with my math homework…I would work it out and he would use his calculator and double check my work. I would sit on his lap in his chair (which I also have his chair in my living room) and we would share a pear watching some cool show on tv. He passed when I was 12. And let me tell you I felt so much older when it happened and so badly wish he could see me today. But I know he is watching over me. There will be times where I’m having a shitty day…I’ll put my music on shuffle and the first song that comes on is one him and I used to sing along to. I’ll sit there and simply say “Thank you, Papa.” I know he sees me and that makes me smile.


Love you and miss you everyday Papa!

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Before Marriage VS. After Marriage

So there all these funny memes and what it expressing all the differences of before and after marriage. And if that’s true I’m already married. I haven’t come across too many that isn’t already the case. So we can be on the same insurance…save some money that way. But to be honest there isn’t much I don’t know about him and vice a verse. I mean we have ONE bathroom. One! Which means when I’m rushing to get ready and leave the house and he happens to have to use the restroom at the same exact freaking time…we’re in there together. WE. ARE. CLOSE. Maybe even too close. But shoot…he still put a ring on it…and we face that situation many a time prior to being engaged. I mean he has seen my at my worst…no make up, frizzy nappy hair, crabby as heck, and stuffing my face full of food AND he still wants to marry me! I guess it’s mutual…that’s love no matter what. But I am still searching for some other difference I may experience. Commitment of course I know that…like full blown legal commitment.

But let me tell you we are everything in the after column!


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Sick Day.

Being an adult and being sick SUCKS. You’re not a little kid where your mom brings you chicken noodle soup. Instead I have my fiancé who is taking care of me, bringing meds and trying to make me feel better. Poor guy…I’m not looking the greatest and I’m sure the runny nose and gross cough is REAL attractive….not!  It really sucks on a weekend when you have a long list of things to do. Like a very long list. I’m laying in bed thinking about all I should be doing. Yet all that is happening is more meds and more sleep. I keep telling myself it’s just sinuses from allergies to encourage my body to get over it by tomorrow morning so I can do my long to do list. Hopefully the power of positive thinking will work. Fingers crossed.  I’m also laying here realizing how I’ve taken for granted a non blocked nose and lack of head pressure. Like I will very much be thankful when mine is restored.


And this will be the extent of all of my accomplishments today.



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Patience is a virtue

So we did thing called an engagement photoshoot this weekend. And then I was told I don’t get to see them for about a week. I. AM. DYING. I wanna see them now. I want to pick and post them and order our save the dates. To say my patience is being tested is a understatement. And now that we are doing these things and time is shrinking in and in I am so understanding how women become bridezillas. Patience is tested constantly. Especially when things go a little awry. I may just need to look into a Xanax prescription for the couple month. I think everyone surrounding me will appreciate that.

Don’t they know me?
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You know you were born in the 90’s…

If you remember these fabulous things you had an amazing childhood!

AIM | My aways messages were on point sending messages to all!
beanie babies
They are going to be worthing something…someday and I have about 300 hundred.
floppy disk
If she doesn’t know what this is..she is too young for you bro.
Fly Fairy Fly!
Take may gaming anywhere!
gel pens
Gel pens..wrote the prettiest notes.
The sexual inuendos that I now realize these brought.
Please bring them back!
pokemon cards
Just so you know..I had a holographic Charizard.
ring pop
Ring Pop. I wasn’t allowed to walk and have one..what was the point then?
Over EVERY paper I had. I was so cool.
skip it
The amount of cardio these brought. Actually I think I will purchase one now.
spice girls
I’llllll Tell you what I want what I really really want!
tatoo necklaces
Thank God these are coming back!
Oh crap…I haven’t fed this thing in 18 years..hope its still kicking.
No one understand the struggle of trying to fit this in your pocket.

2 weeks.

I have 2 weeks left as a 25 year old. I will soon be turning 26, becoming even closer to 30. My whole life I was spoiled lucky and had an epic birthday bash every year. And the day after my birthday party I started planning next years. This is the first year in which I literally looked at the calendar and was like “oh shit! My birthday is in 2 weeks!”  I had no clue it was so close let a lone wanted to be turning 26. It didn’t hit me until my man asked me what I wanted for my birthday? Ummm I don’t know! Nothing? Ha ha. Oh to see how I have grown. Growing up I used to have lists of wants and magazines dogeared and marks all over it. There was never a question of what I wanted. And because of my luckiness I got what I asked for. Now I am stoked for cash. And not to buy things for myself but to pay bills. Oh how things have changed! I will proudly be 25 for two more weeks. Please ask my age just don’t after the 5th.


getting older
Its those chubby cheeks I have!