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Self Respect.

I don’t want to get overly political here but watching the debate reminded me of a story I will share with you…

In the late 90s when I was just a little girl I remember all the news stories about our then PRESIDENT and how he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I remember being so mad and so disgusted by the fact that he DID. Not to mention all of the others. I remember feeling bad for his wife and children, thinking at my young age “how sad a man would do this”. Mind you I was about 8, I didn’t realize how common this may have been, never the less it was supposed to be the man that ran our country but he was so worried about getting some. I was certain he would no longer be our President as well as divorced and lonely.

As we all know Hillary did NOT divorce him, she forgave him as many women do. The part that really gets me is that fact that in the debate tonight there was a comment or two from her stating she thinks her husband did a great job as President. Ok…?? As a some-what adult who was alive when she was cheated on, I still feel bad for her. I feel bad that she was so disrespected by her presidential husband. It’s sad. Yes I know this is so small compared to ALL the other issues at hand but it makes me feel bad that there wasn’t enough self respect when she was cheated on. Or enough self respect not to hide 33,000 emails. If it wasn’t something wrong then there would of been enough self respect that nothing needed to be hidden or deleted.


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5 more minutes please…

My famous words every morning when my alarm goes off. It goes off…I say nah 5 more minutes…snooze my alarm…it goes off again. And I repeat this process maybe 3 or 4 times Except snooze goes for 9 minutes NOT 5 but I think that 4 minute difference isn’t going to be that big of a deal. Well it is. It’s the difference from watching the news, doing my hair, doing my make up, packing a lunch, and making breakfast to what ends up happening. Which is that I become so groggy from all my snoozing that I finally look at that time and JUMP out of bed with 10 minutes left to get dressed and attempt at as many of the above listed as possibly. So what usually gets accomplished is I throw some clothes on run to the bathroom, brush my teeth, spray some stuff in my hair (that will inevitably get thrown in a bun) grab my “to-go” make up bag, run back to the kitchen grab some coffee and an instant oatmeal and bolt out the door. Make up gets applied in the car and I rush off to work. I get to work and always say…I really ought to get up earlier so I can look cuter today. God only knows what will end up happening when I have children.

I have started hating so many songs because of this.
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Whose your team?

Well, I have chosen the Broncos. This happened about two years ago and let me just tell you why. I have always loved football and watching it. However growing up in my house we watched and attended motor sports. We watched Super Bowl but that was about it. When I started dating my man (2 years ago). That was our thing; we watched football. Because he lovessss it! His team is the Broncos. Now don’t start thinking I only chose the Broncos out of being in love and crap BECAUSE that wasn’t really the case. Originally I would purposely root for the team opposing the Broncos just for some good fun competition in our relationship, plus the bets we would come up with were priceless. However, as he became more comfortable around me I slowly realized his over love for this team. And I mean OVER LOVE. Like over the top love. Which was a tad cute to watch. But I mean YELLING at the tv/team/coach…getting very angry. I very quickly learned that it would be more beneficial to also love the Broncos. And let me tell you it is so nice to finally have “my team”. Fun to watch and get all worked up over. And I can tell you now I find myself YELLING at the tv/team/coach. Must be love.

And he did. #winning
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Hot Dog

There is so much for me to say about hot dogs. First off they are one of my favorite food. And let me tell you why…when that super awesome human that carried me in her tummy for 9 months her pregnancy craving was….you guessed it, hot dogs. So naturally I love em! Yes I know what they are made of…well kind of; I sort of choose to let it stay a mystery to me so that I don’t have to really think about it. Which brings me to my next find. As I was eating at Back Alley Bowl & Grill in Bishop, Ca I came across the hot dog option on the menu: (See below)



Ok come on who doesn’t want to order something that can bring such laughter to the description. Hot dog – your basic wiener grilled like in your own backyard . “Your basic wiener” definition please!!! There are so many jokes and puns I could keep going however as I’ve said before I know my sweet, innocent, 13 year old sister reads my post so I shall opt for the PG version of the jokes. But just know I have more…oh so many funny more!



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American Flag 🇺🇸

Part of being and adult comes learning your political beliefs. These past few years and with all the resent events I’ve found mine. Republican. That’s me.

But what has really prompted this post is the whole Collin Kaepernick situation. It truly pisses me off. This man who was adopted by white Americans, plays for the NFL, receives a huge amount of American money, who plays with an American Flag on his helmet has chosen to SIT during our National Anthem because this flag represents to him a nation that still oppresses minorities. How extremely disrespectful is that? This country has given him more than he could ever ask for. I’m not here to say he is a mediocre quarterback (which I believe he is)…I am here to say that what he is doing is wrong and a disgrace. He, among many others, wants to play victim for situations that happen from a small amount of people. If that doesn’t scream racism to I don’t know what will. He is saying that the American Flag represents white people that still oppress black people. He is grouping all Americans from the few that are still doing wrong. He is disrespecting every American that has fought for our country because there are some out here still that do wrong. Does that mean that every racial stereotypes is how we need to look at each race?  If that’s the case then I don’t think he wants all of those labels on him.

The last thing I want in the upcoming months is for Hilary Clinton to become president but the fact is if she does…I am still American and I will respect everything this country has given and has to offer me. Maybe he needs to realize this. Or get the hell out. We don’t need people like him in this country.

All he has accomplished is negative attention…but I guess that’s what he needed to get back in the spot light.



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Bad Moms.

Stop what you are doing right now and make plans to go see this movie. It is hilarious!! I laughed the whole time. Mila Kunis is awesome and for all the men who wish she was your girlfriend well there ya go…go take your girl and you will enjoy it too. My man has seen it twice! I’ll allow unattainable girlfriends cause I have about 50 unattainable boyfriends so it works. 👍🏼

Really the whole cast is great! There isn’t ever a boring moment! So really go see it!




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iPadded Up

I’ve wanted an iPad for a while but couldn’t find the exact justifications to go ahead with it. Well I did it. I figured I’m getting old and turning 26 in 11 days (I’m not counting or anything). So my justification is my birthday present to myself. However I did come up with a few others just do I can spit them out when people ask, “Why? You have a MacBook and an iPhone?”  

  • I can take it with me ANYWHERE and use as my computer.
  • To write blog posts on the go (I know lucky you guys!)
  • To do my schoolwork on my lunch and breaks.
  • To watch something while I work out 😂
  • And because I want it!

Yes I am writing this post on my new pad…think of all the accessories I need for it. If anyone ever needs any marketing advice look at Apples. They get you hooked and continue get you coming back for more and more. Also if anyone wants to start their own business; Apple after products. There you guys go some great money making tips. Use them. Credit me. Xoxo 

And yes I got pink.