And…Ill do it myself!💯✔️

So I love make up. I love doing it and looking at all the new styles and tricks. Because of my love to sleep in I don’t always spend the time I wish I could in the morning on my make up. I’m so particular about my make up that I’m most likely going to do my own make up for my wedding. The best compliment I received recently was when I went to get my make up done right before my engagement photos. My man was waiting me for me to be done so we could go finish getting ready. I was sitting there critiquing and knowing EXACTLY what I was going to change and fix when I got home. As we were walking away I casually asked….well do you like it? (I always have ulterior motives to every question I ask…I’m woman..what do you expect!) Anyways he looked at me and said…”well I like it better when you do it…you like pretty but you do your make up better.” DING DING DING!!! Point for you sir! (Reason 638392736488 I am marrying him). So yes I’ll be purchasing the BEST waterproof everything (I’ll be crying like a baby) to do my own make up on my wedding day.

Any suggestions or products I should try; leave them right here in the comments! Gracias!!!!

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Hairspray is such a useful tool for women across the world. Besides what it is actually made for…spraying your hair…I have come across so many other uses. And I thought I’d share a few with you.

1.) Most know about this one…but spraying your Bobby pin or hair clips before putting them in your hair helps the pins/clips stay secure.

2.) My favorite is after applying your makeup use your hairspray to spray your face as setting spray!!! It totally works. I come home from work and my make up is still in tact!!

3.) And lastly…when you want to light s fire pit and you don’t have any lighter fluid….hairspray! I learned this one based off of that above situation. No lighter fluid so I asked for hairspray…everyone looked at me like I was crazy…but I got the fire started!!!

Proof I actually did it!



Accident Prone

So adulting includes this crap where you have to pay a company a monthly amount of money just IN CASE something bad happens. Seriously what the hell is that?!?! All this money every month in case there is one instance that happens to cover all your crap. Insurance. Just to make you feel safe. But it’s not just one. There is health, car, home owners, renters, and so on and so forth. All these companies getting MY money every month to insure you are covered in case something bad happens. What if you just live a simple life and are over cautious to not let anything happen? Welllllll that’s not good enough. And ok fine I’ve utilized my insurance a time or two but before I grew wise I really said screw it…I’m not wasting my money on “insurance “ I’ll just pay out when I have to. Well one of the great traits I inherited from my father is…accident prone. We’re dare Devils. We go all out. We like the rush and thrill and we like to live on the edge. Yes I got that rush from my dad. He is crazy in a good way. Well, he gets hurt a lot but he gets back up and does it again and I love that about him. And well…me with my strong willed lack of want for insurance I of course break my leg and ALMOST tear my achilles tendon on a dirt bike with NO insurance.  And let me tell you I learned my lesson. Yes this lump some you pay out SUCKS but there are times it comes in handy. So just do it…pay the insurance…suck it up..and deal with it. Cause there will be a time when it actually comes in handy.  (Actually is said sarcastically because it freakin sucks!)





August Glam Bag Review

I just received my Ipsy August Glam Bag and here is what I thought!!!


 Blow_Out_Creme.jpgMadam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Blow Out Crème – Works excellent! I’ve got some friz going on with my over processed hair and this cream really helps control it! 


FORMULA_X_Nail_Polish_in_Dollface.jpgFormula X Dollface I really like the color. It is very soft yet you can still tell that there is color on the nail. Great for a neutral look.

imageBeaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer The color is INCREDIBLE! And applies nicely. The only thing is the container is kind of cheaply made…not horrible but not the greatest


imageIT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Eyeliner OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE. YOU NEED TO BUY BUY BUY!!! I have always had an issue with the under eye liner that would NEVER last and always smear. This stays perfect. Like perfect! You need to buy and keep in make up bag at all time.


imageBeau Gachis Aplicator Sponge Great sponge! Works wonderful for blending and applying. It also cleans nicely witch is always a plus!


Big Lips. 

So I have the typical “white girl” lips…non-existent. With all the Kylie Jenner lip crap going around…more of a plump lip is in style. That’s great and all of you have the money for some Botox or just have more lips than I do. With my search to find a way to fix this issue I have finally formulated my own steps to make my lips look bigger but not fake. And trust me that is kind of hard. And no I don’t suck into a container to do so.

 As you can see in photo 1 I do not have much lip going on. What I do is take my lip liner and line the outside of my lip (photo 2). This add just a little more girth as well as shading in order to make the actual lip more plump. I then add my lipstick which I usually choose A shade lighter to also go along with that shading thing. Finally I lightly blot the finished lips with foundation powder to make the color stay and the liner not smear. Cause really that is not attractive…like ever. Photo 3 is the finished product. Not insanely larger than photo 1 but way better than what I started with!


MAC Fruit Coctail Lipliner , MAC Mineralize Skinfinish , MAC Creamsheen Ravishing Lipstick


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March Ipsy Review

Being in the country, beauty product variety is quite small. A couple months ago I decided to sign up for Ipsy . ← Click it! I love it! I decided now every month when I get my Glam Bag I will do a review on all the products I receive. Now this program is super easy to use. Its a monthly fee of $9.99 and then every month you get a new make-up bag with 5 products in them. When you sign up (go ahead click the link above!) you answer a questionnaire that will help decide what products you will receive…and at any time you can refill out the questionnaire! So here was my March Glam Bag:

march ipsy
Hello, Spring : March 2016 Glam Bag 

What I received: (Click on the link if interested in purchasing or reading more about each product)

And now what I thought about all these products:

  • Absolutely love the shader brush. It is a great quality brush as well as perfect for apply shadow more precisely.
  • Lip + Cheek pencil is awesome! The mystic color is something I have been looking for; nude without too much orange or pink tones.
  • The hydrating primer is a great product especially for dryer weather or skin tones. It helps keep the foundation lasting all day- which is a huge plus for me!
  • Repair Serum is epic! I had been cleaning the bathroom with CLR and 409 so needless to say my hands we very dry and then I used the serum and INSTANTLY has very smooth skin – works great!
  • As far as the mask – I’m not much of a mask person, never really used them. Once I opened the package the mask was EXTREMELY wet (open over sink!) I applied it to my face and let it stay one for about 15minutes and I must say that I am very satisfied with how smooth and “tighter” my face filled afterwards.