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Adult Hack: 562 Grocery Shopping Edition

First off…👋 I’m still here!

Now back to the goods. The grocery goods. I hate going grocery shopping. Like I want food and I want to eat but I do not! wanna spend my money on it! But anywho. There is the whole figuring out what you need. Getting in your car. Walking into the store which means you are in public. *ugh people*  🙄 Loading your cart. Giving the person your money. Then back to loading your car. And finally back home to unload. At least at that point you are safe from all those people again!

So hack – when you park, pick the spot right next to one of the cart-rack-storage thingy. It really just saves the awkward look around to see if any one is watch you pop it up on to the curb in front of you or from walking wall the way down the aisle to the nearest one.

Its small and its not like a time saving must but it just makes things a little more convenient.  🤷‍♀️

                               Orrrrr avoid ALL hassle and do this 👆

2 thoughts on “Adult Hack: 562 Grocery Shopping Edition

  1. Your least favorite thing…the grocery store. However, for an amazing cook and planner and deal finder like you…a must.


  2. Don’t forget to avoid the line with the person using WIC paper funds. Don’t worry I get it…. and I am happy for them and their children….They also deserve their own check out lane.
    So fun to hear from you.


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