Wardrobe Malfunction 

I don’t get embarrassed easily. I’ll embrace that crap. “Yeah that’s me…I’m funny! Ha ha ha!” However there was this one time. I was so mortified. It was my freshman homecoming. My boyfriend at the time and I went. I was wearing this long pretty dress. (I thought that was appropriate until I realized that short dresses were what were in style) So I was already kind of off then. Any who. There was a call for the last dance of the night. Naturally we ran inside to dance. Everyone else was already on the dance floor and we were running up. I was in front of him cause I wanna dance!!! Andddd he accidentally stepped in this longgg…oh and did I mention strapless dress of mine! Which FELL DOWN!!! And no I wasn’t wearing a bra. So the WHOLE dance floor saw my breast! Free show! And did you remember I was a freshman! So as I stated I’ll embrace my embrassment and shine it off. But how do you do that with this??? Well when you go to school the next Monday and people come up to you handing you Mardie Gras beads you thank them and wear them and laugh! Then go home and pray they don’t expect it at the next dances!!! 

laught it off people. just laugh.

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