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You know you are old when you hear a new song that some teeny bobber just came out with and you realize they are sampling music from when you where a child!! And the. You get mad cause you feel like they are taking something from you. Like um…no that’s not how this tune is supposed to go. And then you start singing the words you know from 15 plus years ago. Well this happened to me the other day. Had my Spotify on shuffle and this new song comes on and I immediately was um no!!! Listened to the whole song to then hear a little rap in there that even goes as far as uses lines from the original! I wasn’t to happy bout that! Here are the two songs: Zendaya “Something New”. Oh the irony because it is not something fully new! Thank you very much. And it is sampling TLC “Creep”. I think it is our job to share with these youngsters where the greatness came from!


And the original…please tell me you hear it too!


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