Mass Media

Self Respect.

I don’t want to get overly political here but watching the debate reminded me of a story I will share with you…

In the late 90s when I was just a little girl I remember all the news stories about our then PRESIDENT and how he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I remember being so mad and so disgusted by the fact that he DID. Not to mention all of the others. I remember feeling bad for his wife and children, thinking at my young age “how sad a man would do this”. Mind you I was about 8, I didn’t realize how common this may have been, never the less it was supposed to be the man that ran our country but he was so worried about getting some. I was certain he would no longer be our President as well as divorced and lonely.

As we all know Hillary did NOT divorce him, she forgave him as many women do. The part that really gets me is that fact that in the debate tonight there was a comment or two from her stating she thinks her husband did a great job as President. Ok…?? As a some-what adult who was alive when she was cheated on, I still feel bad for her. I feel bad that she was so disrespected by her presidential husband. It’s sad. Yes I know this is so small compared to ALL the other issues at hand but it makes me feel bad that there wasn’t enough self respect when she was cheated on. Or enough self respect not to hide 33,000 emails. If it wasn’t something wrong then there would of been enough self respect that nothing needed to be hidden or deleted.


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