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Whose your team?

Well, I have chosen the Broncos. This happened about two years ago and let me just tell you why. I have always loved football and watching it. However growing up in my house we watched and attended motor sports. We watched Super Bowl but that was about it. When I started dating my man (2 years ago). That was our thing; we watched football. Because he lovessss it! His team is the Broncos. Now don’t start thinking I only chose the Broncos out of being in love and crap BECAUSE that wasn’t really the case. Originally I would purposely root for the team opposing the Broncos just for some good fun competition in our relationship, plus the bets we would come up with were priceless. However, as he became more comfortable around me I slowly realized his over love for this team. And I mean OVER LOVE. Like over the top love. Which was a tad cute to watch. But I mean YELLING at the tv/team/coach…getting very angry. I very quickly learned that it would be more beneficial to also love the Broncos. And let me tell you it is so nice to finally have “my team”. Fun to watch and get all worked up over. And I can tell you now I find myself YELLING at the tv/team/coach. Must be love.

And he did. #winning

2 thoughts on “Whose your team?

  1. Not a football fan – mainly because my man is not a football fan. We, too, are motor fan people. More specifically we (he) are garage people. It would/could be fun to follow a team or just watch the games. Going to bars or restaurants with friends to watch “the game” would be fun; or just getting cozy on the couch. But, since that’s not gunna happen, I’ll catch up on some of my shows (binge) while hubby does whatever it is that he does in the garage.

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