Keep on keeping on planning!

So as I’ve mentioned one too many times….part of adulting is actually paying your bills. Eww. Can’t I just keep my money? That would be great. But we can’t. We get paid and immediately we have to dish it out to all these companies. Not to mention the necessities like groceries and gas. Really took those for granted when I didn’t have to pay for them. So part of my planning series I have done a monthly bill planner. This also helps keep track of when you’ve paid that bill for that month. If you are like me you don’t love the auto-pay feature. Once I am richer than rich and I can have all my bills automatically paid and I won’t have to even think about what amount that will leave in my account. Ok great that’ll be nice but until then…I use this page to mark off when I’ve paid each bill. It also helps my take a quick glance to see what dreadful payments I have left to pay!

Enjoy your monthly-bill-tracker!!!


5 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on planning!

  1. I, like you, don’t do the auto pay for bills unless there’s a financial advantage to doing so. Therefore, i just printed your form. I will report back in a few months my comments for feedback. Seems like a good idea though.

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  2. I have two excel sheets. One for my payments to remind me to pay them, and the other is my monthly budget. It really does help to look at them weekly. I use to be HORRIBLE with my finances but one car accident later help me to straight up.


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