Accident Prone

So adulting includes this crap where you have to pay a company a monthly amount of money just IN CASE something bad happens. Seriously what the hell is that?!?! All this money every month in case there is one instance that happens to cover all your crap. Insurance. Just to make you feel safe. But it’s not just one. There is health, car, home owners, renters, and so on and so forth. All these companies getting MY money every month to insure you are covered in case something bad happens. What if you just live a simple life and are over cautious to not let anything happen? Welllllll that’s not good enough. And ok fine I’ve utilized my insurance a time or two but before I grew wise I really said screw it…I’m not wasting my money on “insurance “ I’ll just pay out when I have to. Well one of the great traits I inherited from my father is…accident prone. We’re dare Devils. We go all out. We like the rush and thrill and we like to live on the edge. Yes I got that rush from my dad. He is crazy in a good way. Well, he gets hurt a lot but he gets back up and does it again and I love that about him. And well…me with my strong willed lack of want for insurance I of course break my leg and ALMOST tear my achilles tendon on a dirt bike with NO insurance.  And let me tell you I learned my lesson. Yes this lump some you pay out SUCKS but there are times it comes in handy. So just do it…pay the insurance…suck it up..and deal with it. Cause there will be a time when it actually comes in handy.  (Actually is said sarcastically because it freakin sucks!)




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