T-minus 24 hours.

This exact time, 10:23 AM, tomorrow I will have came into this world 26 years ago. Say what!?!?!  That’s a long ass time. A lot of life lessons. A lot of experience. A lot of opportunities. A lot of opinions formed. And a lot of loved received. I remember being 15 years old wanting this age to be here. To be established in life and somewhat know what is going to be happening with me. And to be honest it’s here and I am happy with where I am. I have an amazing job doing things I love, in 251 days I’ll be marrying my best friend, I have strong friendships and a wonderful family. I am a very lucky woman. As I don’t fully know what’s going to happen…I know where I am at in life and I absolutely love it. The paths I’ve taken and lessons I’ve learned are what got me here today and I am grateful for that. There isn’t one thing I can honestly say I regret. And I know there are some that can’t say that. Yes I am grateful for all the STUPID decisions I’ve made or trouble I’ve gotten because that is what makes me me. And who doesn’t want to be me??? Ha ha!

thank you to all who has made me me…I love you for that.

Embrace every freakin moment! 

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