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American Flag 🇺🇸

Part of being and adult comes learning your political beliefs. These past few years and with all the resent events I’ve found mine. Republican. That’s me.

But what has really prompted this post is the whole Collin Kaepernick situation. It truly pisses me off. This man who was adopted by white Americans, plays for the NFL, receives a huge amount of American money, who plays with an American Flag on his helmet has chosen to SIT during our National Anthem because this flag represents to him a nation that still oppresses minorities. How extremely disrespectful is that? This country has given him more than he could ever ask for. I’m not here to say he is a mediocre quarterback (which I believe he is)…I am here to say that what he is doing is wrong and a disgrace. He, among many others, wants to play victim for situations that happen from a small amount of people. If that doesn’t scream racism to I don’t know what will. He is saying that the American Flag represents white people that still oppress black people. He is grouping all Americans from the few that are still doing wrong. He is disrespecting every American that has fought for our country because there are some out here still that do wrong. Does that mean that every racial stereotypes is how we need to look at each race?  If that’s the case then I don’t think he wants all of those labels on him.

The last thing I want in the upcoming months is for Hilary Clinton to become president but the fact is if she does…I am still American and I will respect everything this country has given and has to offer me. Maybe he needs to realize this. Or get the hell out. We don’t need people like him in this country.

All he has accomplished is negative attention…but I guess that’s what he needed to get back in the spot light.



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