Mass Media

iPadded Up

I’ve wanted an iPad for a while but couldn’t find the exact justifications to go ahead with it. Well I did it. I figured I’m getting old and turning 26 in 11 days (I’m not counting or anything). So my justification is my birthday present to myself. However I did come up with a few others just do I can spit them out when people ask, “Why? You have a MacBook and an iPhone?”  

  • I can take it with me ANYWHERE and use as my computer.
  • To write blog posts on the go (I know lucky you guys!)
  • To do my schoolwork on my lunch and breaks.
  • To watch something while I work out šŸ˜‚
  • And because I want it!

Yes I am writing this post on my new pad…think of all the accessories I need for it. If anyone ever needs any marketing advice look at Apples. They get you hooked and continue get you coming back for more and more. Also if anyone wants to start their own business; Apple after products. There you guys go some great money making tips. Use them. Credit me. Xoxo 

And yes I got pink. 

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