2 weeks.

I have 2 weeks left as a 25 year old. I will soon be turning 26, becoming even closer to 30. My whole life I was spoiled lucky and had an epic birthday bash every year. And the day after my birthday party I started planning next years. This is the first year in which I literally looked at the calendar and was like “oh shit! My birthday is in 2 weeks!” Β I had no clue it was so close let a lone wanted to be turning 26. It didn’t hit me until my man asked me what I wanted for my birthday? Ummm I don’t know! Nothing? Ha ha. Oh to see how I have grown. Growing up I used to have lists of wants and magazines dogeared and marks all over it. There was never a question of what I wanted. And because of my luckiness I got what I asked for. Now I am stoked for cash. And not to buy things for myself but to pay bills. Oh how things have changed! I will proudly be 25 for two more weeks. Please ask my age just don’t after the 5th.


getting older
Its those chubby cheeks I have!

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