Plan on it.

So as I have mentioned before I am a planner. I am always looking, buying, re-organizing planners. I just love them. And then I thought ok I should just start making my own that I can just love so much. So I did it. I started making my own planner pages that I shall share with you. I am going to start a series once a week with new FREE printable for you create your personal planner. There is always certain little characteristics that I enjoy in one planner but it is not in the other and the other has something different I enjoy.  So I am going to create my own with everything I like!

Today is the weekly planner. It has a section for each day, a priorities section, and a to do list. A week at a glance. You can get your important priorities jotted down so you can quickly brief look and know what you have going on for the week. Cause if you’re my age you can’t remember two days ahead of you. So a weekly planner will be grrrreat! Oh and also the “slashes” on the side are for you to put whatever dates you want…just in case you didn’t know! 🙂

Enjoy my friends! I hope you enjoy this much as I do!


Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner copy

10 thoughts on “Plan on it.

  1. I already have something like this. It’s called “my phone”. I use the calendar for all planning and reminders. I like your idea though cuz everyone needs a little help remembering stuff from time to time, even 20-somethings!


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