You can do whatever you want…

As long as you are ready to pay the consequences.

My grandmother has ALWAYS told me that since I was a little girl. I always loved it. “I can do whatever I want?” I loved that part of the statement! I always heard the last part. But I have selective hearing….I comprehend what I WANT. It wasn’t until I was quite a bit older that I fully grasped paying the consequences. Now that I am like this full blown adult (ha ha ha!) I FULLY grasp the consequences. Not only do I get it I see all these people that surround me that do NOT understand it. The sad part is that sometimes most of the time these consequenses aren’t just something that affects the individual but soooo many people surrounding them. I have always said it but in my opinion (this is key statement…this is just my opinion…but I am always right soooo) I truely believe that my generation of people as well as the ones after me (WOW CAN YOU SAY OLD??? There are generations after me???!!) are very entitled and believe everything is owed to them not to mention the lack of empathy these idividuals have. I do not understand it!! You work for what you gain and YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES FOR WHAT YOU DO! But why do people not take into consideration how their actions will affect others around them?

As a young..very young…adult, I kind of did what I wanted and not comepletely realizing what or how that affected others; scared the crap out of my parents/family, leave good jobs, trade my paid off truck in for a car. All scenarios in which at the moment I thought I was the smartest now I am like damn should of done it differently. But I do not regret anything in my life it is all a lesson and I am so grateful for that!


Own it. Own it everyday. And learn from it.

3 thoughts on “You can do whatever you want…

  1. Love your quote, too bad so few people believe it anymore. Now the belief is, do what you want then ask for someone else to pay to fix it. Personally, I want to pursue the latter lifestyle, where I ski in Zermatt, vacation in Tahiti, schmooze the glitterati in Monaco and Hollywood. The blame the spending on a personality disorder and ask my employers’ health insurance to pay for it. Awesome deal!! See you on the walk of fame!

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