Childhood Punishment 🔜 Adult Goals 

As Saturday Night is now here from the week I try to imagine what I want to do for the evening. Upon pondering my desires for this weekend night I had a realization. Everything that was a childhood punishment (which very RARELY happened to me…cause I was an angel.) are now my adult goals.

NOT going to a party.  Yea…I am just not even in the mood for that.

Having to stay in. Ok! I’ll stay right here on my couch.

Cleaning. I don’t to start my work week with a messy house.

No cell phone. Yes I am on mine alot however there are times that I just hope no one contacts me cause I just don’t want to put the effort in for a convo.

The Silent Game. You’re a liar if you never experienced an adult “try” to play this with you as a child. Well now I long for this game more often than not.

Well if this doesnt give away what my Saturday night is going to look like let me tell you. 3 words. Me. Couch. Wine.


adult goals
“Oh and babe, can I have a foot massage?”

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