I make look purrttyy for you

So I’ve never been the high maintenance type of gal. However I do like to look good. Along with the my lack ofhigh maintenance came a frugal outlook with my money. While I love going to the nail salon and getting the massage (BEST part) I do not like spending the chunk of change that comes along with it. I can paint my nails everyday and they chip within two hours and I am nail biter so I do not have the best looking nails; which always led to me always getting acrylics. (Even more expensive than just a paint). In my attempt to find a cheap way to achieve the look I want I found it!

I buy the fake nails from a convenience store. (Yes just like when I was 10 and wanted to be all grown up). Except now I get to use the super glue and not the stickers.

I buy Kiss Acrylic French Tip $7!! SEVEN DOLLARS GUYS GIRLS!!! You cannot beat that at all! It comes with a file and the glue and I must say they look pretty damn good! The best part is they last too! I can make it almost 2 weeks with them on. That’s with typing all day, washing dishes, and just doing normal daily tasks. I definitely recommend!



6 thoughts on “I make look purrttyy for you

  1. Incredible. I had no idea that store bought fake nails were worth a damn. I get mine “done” at a salon every 2 weeks along with pedicure. I spend $140/month! I will file this away (pun intended) for future reference.

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  2. Learn something new every day. Biotin helps my thin splitting nails. I’ve never had nice nails either. It helps my hair, too, and I love the gummy kind. 🙂


  3. Love it! I actually recently found out a local businesses directory which shows top rated local businesses including top nail salons in your city, it’s named Pajix , this is their website , I found my nail technician (which is top skilled) on there, you can read other customers reviews, check location and beauty salons prices and then book your appointments online! It’s really convenient

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