Rules for living with a man:

These are rules you wouldn’t think to make prior to moving in…but you need to add these to your list:

  1. No eating in bed- especially ANYthing that will leave crumbs…because you will wake up with crumbs all over you.
  2. It’s not a sleep over- if one of you wants to go to bed before the other one that is OK. Cause you have something like forever to spend with this person.
  3. Designated video game time- he can play while you’re taking a bath.
  4. Bathroom counter clause- he is to know that there will ALWAYS be make-up and/or hair products at all times.
  5. Take your work boots off outside- cause ewww smelly!
  6. Equal tv time choosing – got to make sure you get to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” when you want too.
  7. Multiple days prior warning to guest coming – THE worst is to find out the day before and feel scrambled to clean like a mad women
  8. Set your alarm too – we hold each other accountable to get up on time even if the other one doesn’t have to. It’s a nice back up system.
  9. Let me complain – not all the time but when I want to just listen and hug..k thanks!
  10. Take turns on the dishes- Dishes are a pain..I can’t think of one person that enjoys them. Share the hatred and both experience it.
moving in
You may think you know…but there is ALWAYS more to find out!

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