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5 things by 25

As the last few weeks approach of my 25th year there are somethings I realized I have learned. Here you go:

  1. Pay your bills…ON TIME Ok so I know we all think we know this but at a younger age you do not realize the effect that paying things late will have on you.
  2. Take care of your body. Yes it IS true…as you get older you cannot eat any and everything that you may want to and once you hit that point it is so much harder to change your habbits…trust.
  3. Be Selfish. Sometimes its hard to put yourself first (For some this is not an issue at all) but your 20s is a time for you to grow and become an selfish and make the choices YOU want to not some one else.
  4. Friendships=Work. Once you get older maintaining friendships take a lot of work and you HAVE to put your part in it also. This is where you find out the friends that are true and those that aren’t.
  5. Be Scared. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and experience new stuff you would never think you do. You never know you just might like it. 


2 thoughts on “5 things by 25

  1. Then do it again in retrospect in your sixties. Eat right and exercise, pay your bills, but not your kid’s bills. Be selfish and go places you’ve always wanted to go, take classes you’ve wanted to take, try a new career out as a hobby even if you don’t make any money at it. Maintaining friendships take time. People are busy with their lives and their families. Old friends get sick and need more care. The community needs volunteers that working people don’t have time for, so you make new friends. Don’t limit yourself to friends your own age. Carve out time with those you really care about. Be scared, new things still come up – illnesses, technology, moves to new places. Never stop growing and learning.


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