Today my little sister turns 13. I am exactly double her age. When I turned 13 she was just born.  This is the only time in our lives where she will be exactly half my age. From now on every year the age gap will grow smaller and smaller; in return making me feel older and older.

Because of our age difference when she was born it was more of a aunt/niece mother/daughter relationship than sister/sister.  Don’t get me wrong as she got older there are plenty of times where I regress in age just to agrue with her like a child. You know just so she can have the experience of an “annoying older sister”. Dont’ want her to miss out on that at all. Like a mother when I think of my sister this is the image I have:

A cute wittle wittle!

But instead she is turnig into a bright beautiful young girl. Super smart and fun to be around. (She even reads my blog…forcing me to be more PG than I probably would if she didn’t)

I love you HANNAH ROSE!


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