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Olympics: Swimming.

I have always loved the Olympics. Especially Summer. As Rio has taken off we have been watching it every night. ‘Merica. Well I realized my favorite sport to watch is swimming. You might say “Why not gymnastics or diving or any of the others?” Well let me to you! Simply because I like to know who is winning at all times. While all the other sports are fun to watch trying to figure out the ranks and point and why some are worth more than others is really strenuous on a mind. I mean unless you’ve lived it or done it you just don’t know. I know with soccer, volleyball, tennis, ect you can see the points and follow. However the competitive side in me wants to know overall. With swimming you see everyone racing at once who is winning and what place. Plus I really like seeing the litte World Record line and watching them beat it. And to top it all off the men swimmers are not too shabby to look at.

Yes I know the yellow line is computerized. 

One thought on “Olympics: Swimming.

  1. I don’t like watching Olympics My hubby used to make me watch every minute of every sport. Winter and summer! But I do agree the swimming is the easiest to enjoy!!!
    Good post!

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