My evolution of grocery shopping.

As a child I HATED going. My mom would bribe and bribe me to go until I would eventually give in. I’d get there and inevitably put all I wanted into the cart. Some things hoping my mom wouldn’t notice and just purchase. I would go down the aisle throwing stuff in like “I want this, and this, and that, oh and HAVE to have this!” By the next week I didn’t want to go again and the whole cycle would start over.

By 18 I was on the go all the time. The grocery store was like this place I used to know but do not go anymore cause fast food and eating out was what all I did. And at that point my body never changed a bit, I could eat all I wanted. God, I miss those days.

Well now in my twenties grocery shopping has now changed into a mathmatical equation. Each item I put in my cart I am adding the total in my head. Hell – there as been times where I whip out the calculater. Cause when its the end of the month and al bills are paid but you only have a set amount of money to work with THE last thing you need is to be in line and have your card decline.

And now when I convince (bribe and bribe) my man to come with me (so I dont have to be alone – I get it Mom…I’m sorry for not willingly going) HE now puts stuff in the cart! But because of my past I am wise to those tricks and nip it in the bootay RIGHT AWAY! Nice try bro! NOT happening!

Me to a teeeee!!

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