Flowers for Men

You know the cliche of men bringing women home flowers just because. Because youre a kick ass idivual and you put up with their stuff and they want you to know they appreciate/love you! Well…men deserve flowers too EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. I mean I know I can be a handful; but heck he still put a ring on it and for that I appreciate him. Along with many other things but I will not bore you with my sappy list. Anywho…knowing my man has had a hard long day I wanted to bring him home “flowers”. But really what kind? There isn’t a masculine-I’m-tough-and-super-strong flower that portrays that. But what says “I love you” more than a random bouquet of flowers? Ha! Well just as the question “what girl doesn’t love flowers” you can ask yourself “what man doesn’t love beer?”

And that is exactly what I have done. I stop at the store on my way home (like a man) and go straight to the beer aisle (also like a man does). But for me I look for an exotic or different random beer and buy one. When I get home hand my man his beer and simply say “I brought you some flowers.” He gets what I am saying. Now its our thing. It doesnt happen every day or even every week but when I want to show gratitude and put another smile on his face (he always has one cause he is going to marry me and well come on that produces a constant smile) I bring him some “flowers”.

flowers for men

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