I am Wonder Woman.

I wonder where my keys are…where I put my phone…if my purse is in my car or in the house…how much money is left in my bank account (thats when I know I need to check it.) Even when I think I have everything under control I wonder.

On the flip side I have always been a planner. I like to know EXACTLY what the agenda is and what possible outcomes will come of anything planned. So wondering puts a tad bit of anxiety on my set planning schedule. Since I was old enough to go to parties…I was the driver because God forbid I was NOT having any fun; I wanted to go home on my time and at my will. Never did I ever want to get stuck somewhere having to wait for someone else to want to leave. And let me tell you I utilized that very often. I would occasionally give in and go with a friend- you know to save gas (see planning for they next day so I could get food and not have to fill up my tank). However every. single. time. I wanted to leave so badly.

One thing I have learned in this mid-twenties adventure, is that constantly planning what is going to happen next takes away from allowing you to enjoy want is currently at stake. Once I was able to do that I have enjoyed way more outings not knowing what the EXACT outcome was going to be. And my man likes it better too – less nagging – “so what exactly are we going to do now?  what is your plan for dinner?”

Amanda- It is 8am…I have no clue!

It’s ok to wonder – sometimes that allows for the best times.


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