Hot Sauce/Pictures/Souvenirs.

So it wasn’t till probably my early 20s when I finally learned really what a brothel was. Up until my realization I believed it to be a place where they served lots of different broths. ← Prime example of NOT street smart BUT common sense attempted.

Broth (chicken broth)Els(lots of chicken broths)

Once I was enlighten to the true meaning of what one really is, every time I would come across one (Ok- Don’t worry I don’t live by a bunch and its MAYBE been like 3 or 4 in my life time) I would take the outside surroundings and paint a picture in my head of what each one looked like on the inside. Ha! Trust me there were times where I imagined a one-legged woman walking around instructing everyone to call her “Peg.”

This leads me to tell you about my favorite imaginary/real brothel right outside of Beatty NV. And let me just tell you why. First of all you come across a sign stating “Area 51 Travel Center” – Ok cool alien merchandise…I’m sure I could get a cool shirt with an alien on it. But as you drive just a tad past the first sign you see “Dinner & Brothel” – Um alright…yes those ARE exactly what I am looking for in my travel endeavour.  Like is it alien women?? Well it gets better guys. Under that large brother sign these three things are listed in THIS order (that is important):

 Hot Sauce/Pictures/Souvenirs

OK WHAT?!?!?! So- my mind immediately went to the inside of this brothel covered in hot sauce…like they had their signature house hot sauce…I mean I don’t know about you but who the heck would go to a brothel to buy hot sauce!!! Cause I certainly DO NOT trust their signature recipe skills. But this odd part of me wanted to know what they meant why the hell they advertised hot sauce as the number one attraction under “brothel”.  Maybe I’ll call them and ask. But I probably shouldn’t.

This is real life guys. Like this is really out there and people go there….for hot sauce of course. 

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