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R.I.P. iPhone

I have always been an apple gal. Ive had the iPhone 6Plus up until a few weeks ago when my man had it in his pocket and then was pushed into a pool. Bye-Bye iPhone. The irony of that story is that literally a few days prior to that tragic event I accidentally washed my man’s iPhone in the laundry. Whoopsieeee. Luckily he had an otter box on it and well it survived; a little damage but in full working condition. So luckily my family pulled together in this time of need for me and we were able to come up with an iPhone 5c that I’ve been using. But OMG do I miss the large screen I am used to. I literally have to wear my glasses AT ALL times now using my 5C (can you say “getting old?”) and my chubby little fingers keep mis-typing my texts. Oh the struggle. I am trying so hard to hold out until September and just fork up the money then when the iPhone 7 comes out. Which I will do- HOWEVER its hard not having my mini iPad in my hands – now i can just use one hand and touch everything on the screen. Weird. The one thing that I appreciate is that I can now go back to putting my phone in my back pocket and not worry about it falling out. So thats cool I guess.


Ok yes…but Apple has me addicted. 

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