Brazilian OUCH.

Ok so its summer time. Correction; it is the middle of summer – actually almost over. HOWEVER there has been a select few times that that I have been in a bikini and as any adult female knows those tiny little bottoms create a problem for SO many reasons but for me its the bikini trimming that needs to be accessed before any bathing suit outing that takes place. Now to add to my maintenance endeavor most OC gals go to a local beauty shop and get a wax or a “sugaring” done and they are good to go. WELL as stated before living in a small town everyone knows everyones business. And in all honesty I don’t want to go to a local beauty shop. Cause with my luck I will see them the next morning getting coffee…

Hey Amanda!  How is that bikini wax feeling??

Um no- I am good I’ll keep my bikini region to myself…SO with all of that said I purchased an “at-home-waxing-kit”. Ok cool – I got this – I am going to do my own bikini wax. I started slow; touched up my eyebrows. Gained some confidence strength I don’t know what the hell I gained because who the HELL does this themselves. I’ll go with ignorance. I gained ignorance. Got in my bathroom had my heated wax and my strips all ready to go. And then I stood there. Uhhhhhhhh what position am I supposed to get in? Well let’s say it was quite a site – I didn’t even know I could do what I did.

Well I waxed. I screamed. I completed. And from now on Nair is my new best friend.

Don’t girls. Just don’t.

at home brazilian wax
Celebrating was a must – to block out that experience from my brain!

6 thoughts on “Brazilian OUCH.

  1. OMG, loved this blog! I wish I had read this blog before last night. I attempted to do my own Brazilian wax as well. IT HURT SO BAD. I wrote a blog about it this evening and felt even crazier putting my thought process into words for others to read!

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