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I made it a year.

A WHOLE YEAR. Living in a small town. Love can make a girl do crazy things – like move to the middle of no where , 5 hours away from your friends and family. Blah. Blah. Blah. Ok yes love prompted-encouraged-finalized my move up here a little over a year ago. But let me tell you I LOVE IT. There has been a lot to get used too:

-No Target {Can we start a petition and like get them to open one up here? K thanks!}

-Nothing is 5 minutes away {Which means I can be a hermit when I wanna be}

-The views are impeccable {I’m a photographer without even trying}

-Small town. {It’s a nice feeling to walk in anywhere and be able to say hi to someone you know}

-Traffic {There is none – well nothing compared to OC}

There is so much more but I am rather surprised I’ve adjusted so well. When you are used to the city life and being 10 minutes from really anything you want to do to living in a small rural area you either adapt or don’t. I adapted – woo hoo!

I can officially call myself that now.

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