Is this what pregnancy brain feels like?

Let me start off with saying I AM NOT PREGNANT. However I feel like the crap I’ve been doing lately is something people blame pregnancy brain on…but for me I don’t have the excuse to do so. 

First I will start off with my drive-thru experience. I pull up and start to order signature Carl’s Jr menu items. And with every item I order the attendant is telling me they don’t have those items. I continue to respond with “you’ve always had them but ok give me the other”. By third item I ordered I then realized I was in the MCDONALDS drive thru…not Carl’s Jr. It all made sense. 

After that episode I got home ate (yes I left McDonald’s and went to Carl’s) and then started to do some cleaning. I was bringing my Clorox Wipes back into the kitchen…walked straight up to the fridge and put them in there!!!!! And walked a way. To shortly after realize holy crap what the hell did I just do! 

So either the heat is getting to me or work is super intense and planning a wedding is NUTS…those are the only conclusions I can come up with besides pregnancy brain. 

Ha Ha!

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