Power Outage. 

Well, as I write this I am sitting in the dark with about 14% battery life hoping I will be able to get this blog post finished before my phone is dead. As my man and I were doing our nightly routine of staring into each other’s eyes (lie! We were watching tv). We heard two LOUD bangs and then…the power shut off. Now we live on a hatchery with running water for all those fish my man breads
so there is an irritatingly loud alarm that ensues after a power outage. So I casually kick back (this happens frequently…power back on in 15 min) while all of the men go to get it fixed. Well to my surprise (which it shouldn’t be cause we live in the middle of freakin no where) my man comes back to inform me that all of this was caused by a raven. A damn bird. Flew into the fuses and completely combusted/fried and fell to its death while this little city girl is trying to figure out what the hell to do with out electricity. And to top it I am informed that we WONT be getting electricity for a couple plus hours! Ummmm I’m investing in a back up generator. Pronto. 
A freakin stupid bird has now made me try and think about what I can do in the dark with a dying phone. 

Now I hope after this post there won’t some insane rant by people talking about save the Raven as there was to the gorilla’s death to SAVE A HUMAN BOY. But don’t get me started on that topic cause my phone won’t have enough battery for that rant. 
Well folks wish me luck in this endeavor of keeping occupied with out electronics/electricity. 

No I just keep trying to plug my phone in.

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