What’s my age again? 

This. This is the FIRST time this has ever happened to me. I was asked “how old are you?” And I confidently answered 26. As the the other member in the conversation continued on I started thinking in my head…

“Am I 26?…I think so…wait no…what? Why can’t I remember this?….no I’m 25…”

And then I frivolously did multiple math calculations. Meanwhile I KNOW the other girl was looking at my face wondering why I had such a confused look on my face (I have a problem with controlling my facial expressions which is a whole other issue.)Anyways-

once I finally mathematically corrected myself I blurted out (mind you interrupting what she was now talking about) and exclaimed “No! I’m 25!!!” In that instant I just realized I completely forgot my age! My saving grace is that I’m decent with math and I was born in 1990 so that’s a good even number to do some quick subtraction. But simultaneously I realized how old I’m getting that I subconsciously forgetting my age. And to top it off I went with a higher number then lower! Who does that? Apparently someone going through a quarter life crisis…instilling in your brain you only have so much time to get married and have kids and make lots o’ money!!! I need to train myself to start blurting 23! 

At least!!!!! I didn’t have to use an actual calculator!

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