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I just drove almost two hours to go to Walmart.

Walmart. Walmart is where pure happiness came to me cause I got to go there! As I have mentioned before the only big options by house is Kmart and Von’s. Which sometimes will do but not only are they super expensive they don’t always have what I need. This morning I convinced my man to come with me and do the drive so that I can go to Walmart. Now being from the OC I never thought that I would EVER be motivated to make that drive for Walmart let alone be extremely excited about it and excited about the dollar store and a few of the other options that aren’t nornally close by to us. I must say when you live in an area where shops and options are a mere 10/15 minute drive you take that for granted. But we did the drive and my bank account is less than satisfied with me. Whopsies!

He isnt a picture-taker

3 thoughts on “I just drove almost two hours to go to Walmart.

  1. Catchy title. Hard to imagine needing to drive that far, and then actually doing it! Thanks for following my blog. I hope you will come to my new location, I’m going to be moving everything there. 😀😀😀

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