Mass Media

Please enjoy this Verizon ring back tone while your party is reached.

What happened to this feature because I genuinely appreciated the plethera of sounds playing into my eardrum as I waited for you (my party) to answer my call (be reached). Half the time I didn’t want you to answer any more cause I was singing along on my end while insocent bystanders were getting a free concert. If any of you are out there that were scared by my performance I am truely sorry. Realistically I probably wasn’t singing the right lyrics (freestyling – that’s my specialty) so you really got a good show.
Anyhow I wish we could bring back the “ring back tone”. Just so I can keep seranading people as they are repeatedly chanting “make it stop…make it stop!”

That is all. KThnxBai. 

This is why I prefer classic rock... But yes I will still slip up on those lyrics

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