Desert Life

му ѕиαρ ¢нαт ℓσ¢αтισи fιℓтєя ιѕ “∂єѕєят ℓιfє”

Um what is this? Now as I’ve said before I’m not an avid snapchatter but occasionally I’ll get on reply to the few I have. Now if you aren’t familiar with snapchat depending on the location you are in there will be different filters with the city name or if it’s a holiday it’ll have filters for the day. Pretty cool and fun to see all of them. Well today as I was in my response to the snaps I had I scrolled through the filters and desert life appears on my picture. YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE WHEN THAT IS YOUR SNAPCHAT FILTER. I love love the desert; always have, always will but this completely cracked me up. I mean it’s real now because my snapchat filtered me so. 

I’m living the desert life.

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